All cultures are not equal

Gender gap index against Muslim population (%) [click to enlarge]

Gender gap index against Muslim population (%) [click to enlarge]

Multiculturalism is based on the belief that all cultures are equal and can integrate or live alongside each other in peace and harmony.

This belief is patently false.

The World Economic Forum publishes the Global Gender Gap report each year, which evaluates the treatment of women based on four measures:

  • Economic participation and opportunity;
  • Educational attainment;
  • Political empowerment; and,
  • Health and survival.

The index extends from 0.881 (Iceland) to 0.484 (Yemen). Those examples might give you a clue as to what’s coming next.

There is a clear inverse correlation between the size of the Muslim population in a country and the gender gap index. The scatter plot (above right) shows this clearly.  Note also that the data do not include some of the worst offenders: Afghanistan, Iraq, Somalia and Sudan, all of which have over 97% Muslim populations. The presence of those countries in the data would only increase the correlation, given their appalling human rights records regarding treatment of women.

Syria, where the majority of migrants to Europe are from, is third from bottom of the gender gap list. It is hardly surprising, then, that flooding Europe with young Muslim men from Syria will result in the kind of horrific incidents we have seen in Cologne, on New Year’s Eve, and at swimming pools across the country.

To claim that the Syrian culture in which women are treated so poorly will integrate and assimilate is fanciful.

And as a result, women all over Europe are now less safe.


  1. Let’s hope that our current stupid government officials change their attitude to the muslim invasion of Australia and wake up before it’s too late.


  2. Anyone still unsure about the place of women in Syrian culture will find all they need to know in Wafa Sultan’s “A God Who Hates”:


  3. Simon Colwell says:

    I love watching the inner city luvvies twisting themselves into knots trying to defend such behaviour by muslim immigrants, on one hand, whilst still maintaining their feminist, women’s rights credentials on the other.


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