Islamic State targets ‘moderate’ Indonesia

Inter-faith dialogue from the Religion of Peace…

Inter-faith dialogue from the Religion of Peace…

Not Muslim enough, perhaps?

Indonesia’s westernised version of Islam, with its Starbucks and fancy hotels packed with infidel tourists, would be considered haram to the headbangers of the Islamic State, who won’t be content until every country on earth is a stinking Islamic hell-hole like Iran or Yemen.

It also sends a message to the region that Islamic State’s poisonous tentacles are reaching further out into the world.

Indonesia’s teeming capital, Jakarta, was under lockdown last night following a series of blasts and gunfights around the city that has left at least seven ­people dead and more injured.

The simultaneous attacks, the worst in Jakarta since the 2009 bombings of the Marriott and Ritz-Carlton hotels, have raised fears of a revived Islamic terrorism campaign in the world’s most populous Muslim nation sponsored by Middle East-based terror outfit Islamic State.

As many as seven explosions were heard in Jakarta, including outside the UN office and a Starbucks cafe in the city’s business district frequented by foreigners.

The Islamic State group has claimed responsibility, saying that the attack was carried out by “soldiers of the caliphate” who targeted a gathering of citizens from the “crusader coalition,” referring to the US-led alliance combating the jihadists.

But don’t worry, this has nothing to do with Islam.

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