Sydney: Jihad teen granted bail because of ‘mental health issues’

The father made this salute to his son in court…

The father made this salute to his son in court…

Islam is a mental health issue.

Anyone who follows a 7th century, pre-medieval, barbaric, misogynistic and backward political ideology must clearly be one sura short of a Qur’an.

But it’s an excellent ‘get out of jail free’ card none the less for our Muslim friends when they come up against m’learned friends, who despite knowing plenty about the law, seem to know very little about the march of Islam through the West:

A 15-year-old terrorism suspect has been granted bail by a Supreme Court judge because of the boy’s deteriorating mental health in prison.

The boy, who appeared before court via video link on Thursday, was the the youngest of five Sydney males arrested on December 10 after police counter-terrorism raids.

Justice Michael Adams on Thursday found the boy posed a “slight” risk to the community.

“The problem is posed by the extremist ideology which underlies these charges, the disregard of that ideology for the rights of ordinary people to go about their lives without fear,” he said.

But he noted the boy’s youth at the time of the alleged conspiracy and his lack of contact with his co-accused.

“It’s a significant feature of his case that he was involved with and I suspect inveigled by much older persons with whom he has not had contact for a year and it is possible to ensure he does not have contact with again,” he said.

Justice Adams found there was a risk the boy’s mental health would continue to decline in jail because of the detention itself, rather than a lack of care.

So despite acknowledging the existence of this dangerous ideology and its influence on the ‘boy’, he put his mental health above the safety of the public.

The family were also able to find a $750,000 surety plus $100,000 in cash – I mean, we’ve all got that kind of readies lying around in the biscuit tin, right?

And to add a final sickening insult to an already unpleasant injury:

The boy’s father pointed his finger in the air as he smiled at his son on the video screen (source).

Which, as anybody should now know, is the symbol for the monotheistic supremacy of Allah over the infidels, and the sign of the Islamic State.


  1. “Islam is a mental health issue”

    Indeed it is, and now it’s official…well, sort of:


  2. The current crop of stupid judiciary needs to be replaced.


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