One-man crime wave hits Gold Coast – eleven thirteen sexual offences in a day

Uncovered infidel women on the Gold Coast are fair game for a soldier of Allah

Uncovered infidel women on the Gold Coast are fair game for this soldier of Allah

One man commits 11 13 sexual offences in the space of a few hours… (Updated number from Yahoo7)

The news reports speak of a ‘Victorian teenager’ as if he grew up in the leafy suburbs of Geelong playing backyard cricket. His name has not been released ‘for legal reasons’…

In one report he claimed that the string of assaults was the result of ‘heavy surf’. Heavy sarcasm, more like.

The red flags go up one by one, but eventually the truth is revealed by The Australian:

The 18-year-old Pakistan national has been charged with seven counts of sexual assault, two counts of attempted rape and four counts of common assault.

Ding! More cultural enrichment at work.

Southport Magistrates Court heard today that the alleged assaults happened in surf between the red and yellow flags at popular Surfers Paradise beach around midday on Tuesday.

Eight women have claimed the man assaulted them.

Surprisingly, the court didn’t fall for the ‘heavy surf’ argument. But the last line of the report is telling, given the recent events in Cologne:

“It’s an indication of a person having great difficulty controlling their sexual instincts.”

The uncovered infidel women and girls enjoying a day at the beach were fair game, just as they were in Germany on Silvesternacht.

The only difference is that the population of that particular religious group here in Australia has not reached the critical mass required for full blown taharrush gamea – or collective harassment. He didn’t have enough mates to share the blame.

Let’s all pray it remains that way.


  1. The linked article says “Duty lawyer Mollie Roper said her client had come to Australia from Pakistan years ago and was visiting a family friend on the Gold Coast.”
    Any ideas what type of visa he had?


  2. “The 18-year-old Pakistan national”…..BINGO !!!… I knew it before I even got past the headline…. …


  3. “No one can serve two masters. You will either love one or despise the other.” The same is true with Islam and Western Democracy which is referred to by Muslims as “man-made law”. Muslims are taught to follow ONLY Allah and Mohammed. Muslims have their Shariah and Western Democracies have their own laws founded and based on Western and Judeo-Christian values. Given a choice would any devout Muslim follow any law if and when it contradicts their Shariah law?

    Take the issue of women’s rights. Muslim women do not enjoy equal rights compared to their Muslim men counterparts. Is it not a fact that a single woman can testify against her rapist and have him convicted. That is not the case under Shariah Law. In matters of inheritance, Muslim men have greater hereditary rights than women. Not so in Western Democracies.

    Muslims find offensive many western practices which include Christmas, Thanksgiving, and yes, New Year’s Eve celebrations. To them, western women’s manner of dressing is provocative, which is particularly true in the case of Swedish blondes. The fact is that Muslims are offended by anything “un-Islamic”. They take offense due to Islam’s SUPREMACIST ideology. There are others but if you are perceptive enough you get my point.

    For these reasons, Muslims should not migrate to other countries where Shariah law is not the law of the land. For the same reason, Western Countries should bar Muslims from entry. Evidently, Muslims can NEVER assimilate into Western nations because integration, for Muslims, is apostasy punishable by death. Moreover, Islam seeks to DOMINATE THE WORLD by “striking terror into their hearts” such that Muslims are not even allowed to befriend non-Muslims. How can there ever be any integration? Just like oil and water, no matter how you shake them together in a jar, they NEVER mix.


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