Happy 2016, Europe! Islamic terrorism threat halts Belgian New Year celebrations

Islam prefers a different kind of explosion

Islam generally prefers a different kind of explosion

The terrorists win.

Brussels cancels its New Year celebrations after receiving intelligence of a possible terrorist attack. As usual, you have to read at least a page down the BBC’s report before you’re given any clue to the nature of the threat – must be those damn Methodists again…

Any infidel celebration is haram and therefore prohibited under Islamic law, and that includes Easter, Christmas, New Year – pretty much everything un-Islamic. No doubt all those ‘moderate’ Muslims in Europe we keep hearing about will be out protesting against the cancellation and standing up for their non-Muslim neighbours…

Only kidding! They will most likely be quietly pleased by the decision, if not the methods used to achieve it. Another step towards the supplanting of Western culture with Islamic culture.

And what is Europe’s policy to deal with these threats? Import hundreds of thousands more ‘refugees’ from Islamic countries, the majority of whom will be incapable of assimilating into Western society.

Abandoning centuries old traditions is just another small step along the path to European self-destruction and eventual eradication. It is truly the Twilight of the West.

Happy 2016, Europe, however I fear it will be anything but…


  1. Simon Colwell says:

    Turn em over, they’re done.


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