Misunderstanders of Islam plot to attack Sydney naval base

Another misunderstander of Islam gets led away to jail…

Another misunderstander of Islam gets led away to jail…

How can so many followers of Islam get it so wrong, and so frequently? It’s a mystery.

I mean, literally everyone, including those scholarly imams Obama, Kerry, Cameron and Turnbull, knows that Islam is a Religion of Peace, right?

I bet this ‘plot’ was really the work of Far Right extremist Christians with names like Adolf, Hermann and Heinrich… I mean according to The Guardian headline they were just random ‘men’… bloody Methodists again.

Oh no! Disaster! We find out these ‘men’ have names like Mohamed and Abdullah! What rotten bad luck.

Quick – out with the excuses:

  • they were ‘lone wolves’*
  • they had mental health issues**
  • maybe they had ‘family problems’

Despite the fact that they refer to Allah a number of times in the police evidence, please remember that this has Nothing To Do With Islam™. And anyone who says it is, is a filthy Islamophobic racist.

Isn’t it terrible bad luck that Muslims keep being arrested for plotting terror attacks against Western targets. They really must be more careful – they’ll give Islam a bad name…

* There are no lone wolves in Islam, they are all members of the global ummah
** Mental health issues is code for devoutly believing the ramblings of a 7th century, illiterate, megalomaniac goat farmer


  1. It is not a mystery. It is just that they are fucking stupid.


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