Turnbull leans on ASIO chief, then says ‘We must heed ASIO chief’

Naïveté and denial

Naïveté and denial

Malcolm Turnbull’s denial of the jihad threat is suicidal for Australia.

Still naïvely believing that Islam is a Religion of Peace™, which happens to be the most easily busted myth on the planet, he now uses the head of our security services to attempt to silence critics, in particular those who rightly point out the obvious links between Islamic ideology and acts of terror.

The ASIO chief himself is also in dangerous denial:

“I don’t buy the notion the issue of Islamic ­extremism is in some way fostered or sponsored or supported by the Muslim religion. I think it’s blasphemous to the extent I can comment on someone else’s religion.”

Interesting choice of word there. Australian blasphemy laws were abolished years ago, but they remain as a centrepiece of Islamic sharia – so, to which law are you submitting, Mr Lewis?

Then, as if butter wouldn’t melt, Turnbull casually remarks that ‘we must heed ASIO chief‘, and follow his lead that Islamic extremism has ‘Nothing To Do With Islam™’.

If that wasn’t bad enough, now we learn that Turnbull personally texted the head of ASIO with Andrew Hastie’s phone number, so the ASIO head could call Hastie to warn him off saying anything nasty about Islam.

All of this is an example of mind-boggling stupidity from our glorious leader, who is demonstrating an epic lack of judgment.

But this is what I still don’t understand. If Islam genuinely is a Religion of Peace™, then why should we have to be careful about what we say? No genuinely peaceful religion would react to criticism with violence, would it? I mean nobody cares if we insult Christianity or Judaism, because we know nothing will happen, right? So why the requirement to pussyfoot around Islam?

Only one conclusion: Turnbull and Lewis secretly acknowledge it isn’t as much of a Religion of Peace™ as they try to pretend.


  1. pull your head out and learn where the real threat actually comes from.


  2. toscamaster says:

    Four years ago an MP, who voted against Turnbull replacing Abbott, told me that Turnbull would never again lead the Libs. How wrong was he? All coalition politicians (and studious journalists) should read “Working with monsters”. Turnbull’s personality has re-surfaced. Highly intelligent psychopaths are bullies who believe they can do no wrong. They lead teams to self-destruction. Watch as smart politicians take the only way to survival. Get out of his clutches. Ian Macfarlane tried and was clawed back. Others will try other tactics. Abbott will bide his time but it will quickly run out. Shorten must be rubbing his hands with glee. What a dreadful choice we will have if Abbott is not returned to The Lodge.


  3. a happy little debunker says:

    Asif, as a ‘religion of peace’ one wonders why the ‘Islamic State in Levant’ is chucking homo’s off rooftops, selling girls & women into sexual slavery, executing apostates, heretics & non-believers whilst destroying cultural and historic monuments and waging war with neighbours to establish it’s ‘religious state’.

    The link you provide blames the creation for the ‘Islamic State in Levant’ firmly with the west.

    However, the violence meted out is all by the ‘Islamic State in Levant’.

    Not so much a ‘religion of peace’ then?

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