Grand Mufti’s links to Egyptian terror sympathiser sheik

Devout = radicalised

Devout = radicalised

What a surprise… not.

As this blog has said so many times, all that is required to be ‘radicalised’ in Islam is to become more devout. Ascending the ladder of Islam inevitably leads to violence if you go high enough.

How can it not? The Qur’an is clear on the matter, and the Qur’an is the immutable word of Allah.

So it’s hardly surprising that the Grand Mufti, a spiritual leader who is well versed in Islamic theology, has links to a supporter of suicide bombings:

Australia’s Grand Mufti, Ibrahim Abu Mohammed, has visited and is recorded as publicly supporting a Middle Eastern sheik who urged the world’s Muslims to fight in Syria, approved suicide bombing and has been banned from the US, Britain and France.

Dr Mohammed visited exiled Egyptian sheik Yusuf al-Qara­dawi at his base in the Arab Gulf state of Qatar in April 2013.

They discussed “the role of ­Islamic communities in Australia”, according to Qatari media, which published a photograph of their meeting in the capital, Doha.

Dr Mohammed’s name and his Australian National Imams Council are also listed on a petition calling on Interpol to remove Qaradawi from its wanted list.

The Grand Mufti has made no effort to cooperate with Australian anti-terror operations, and indeed has publicly criticised them. He also sought to blame the Paris Massacre on ‘islamophobia’ and the actions of the West. His stance demonstrates that his only priority is to protect his own position and will always put Islam above any duty to Australia.

And ‘the role of Islamic communities in Australia’, as it is in every other Western state, is to wage:

“a grand Jihad in eliminating and destroying the Western civilization from within and “sabotaging” its miserable house by their hands and the hands of the believers so that it is eliminated and [Allah]’s religion is made victorious over all other religions.”

That’s straight from the Muslim Brotherhood, of which our Grand Mufti is a supporter.

And cue ‘backlash’ in 3, 2, 1…

The deputy chairman of the Islamic High Council of Australia, Sheik Ibrahim El-Shafie, said Dr Mohammed’s support for Qara­dawi risked creating a backlash against Muslims in Western ­societies.

Ding! Twisting the situation as always to portray the Muslims as victims.

I actually hope there is a backlash, not from Western society (because there never is), but from all those supposed ‘moderate Muslims’ who reject violence and supremacism and segregation in Australia, and oppose the attitude of their spiritual leader…

[tumbleweed… wind whistles… crickets…]

Oh well. Maybe next time, eh?


  1. [snip] It’s the mufti’s contact that’s banned, not the mufti himself – Ed


  2. I only recently realised that I’ve been radicalised too…and all it took was reading the Koran.

    Just in the opposite direction.


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