Clover Moron: Sydney mayor says Lindt Cafe siege ‘not terrorism’

Clover the clown: thoughtless, heartless, insensitive and wrong.

Clover the clown: thoughtless, heartless, insensitive and wrong.

She should resign immediately. What callous and thoughtless timing, to spout this nonsense on the anniversary of the Lindt Cafe siege.

By saying the siege was ‘not terrorism’ she is not only deluding herself, but also demonstrating extraordinary disrespect to the two who died, and the many others who are still traumatised by the events that unfolded that day.

If she wants to pretend that Man Haron Monis wasn’t inspired by Islamic doctrine when he forced terrified customers at the Lindt Cafe to hold up a shahada, the Muslim proclamation of faith, then she can, but she certainly isn’t fit to remain ‘Lord’ Mayor of Sydney.

Clover Moore has always been difficult to like, for many reasons particularly her extreme Green/Left views, but this takes the cake.

Just go away, Sydney doesn’t need you, thanks very much.


  1. Simon Colwell says:



  2. The true terrorist are the professional parasite in the Jokedishary ..who could not see Mons was a fruit cake but let him out on the streets


  3. Is the helmet keeping what is left of her small brain?

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  4. Good on you Clover.The café siege was a criminal act whatever the perpetrator was inspired by.All the hoo ha about terrorism is just political mileage & photo opportunities for the same old ugly opportunists to cry crocodile tears.


    • Terrorism is fundamentally different to a criminal act. This is not just a robbery or a siege for financial or personal reasons, but an obviously politically motivated act, an attempt to subvert Australian democracy and impose something else: an Islamic state governed by Sharia law.


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