War with Germany ‘exactly what Nazis want’

War was the only option...

War was the only option…

London, September 1938: The British Prime Minister has urged the UK not to go to war with Germany, because that is exactly what Adolf Hitler and the Nazis want. Speaking in London today, Neville Chamberlain said:

“It’s clear what the Nazis want. They want to manufacture a clash between civilizations. They want frightened people to think in terms of ‘us versus them.'”

He said that by not giving in to what the Nazis want, they will eventually realise the folly of their ways and end their plans for world domination.

“Much like a naughty child, if you ignore them for long enough, they will get bored and stop. Hitler will be sitting in his office in the Third Reich headquarters in Berlin, thinking to himself ‘what is the point of annexing Austria if der britischer schweinehund won’t play along?'”

“So I say to the British people, if we mobilise our troops, prepare for war and defend our citizens, that’s exactly what they’ll be expecting us to do, and then it will be our fault if they attack us. Therefore, we’re going to do the precise opposite, and that will really throw them off guard.”

He went on to say that the Nazis were just a tiny minority of extremist Germans and that most moderate Germans were peaceful and were themselves victims of Nazism.

“We should allow more Germans to come to the UK, since we need to show that we are in solidarity with the German people, and that none of this has anything to do with Germany.”

UPDATE: September 1939, and the UK realises that this mad policy of appeasement of an existential threat isn’t ever going to work, and declared war on Germany.  


  1. And here we are today with far too many Chamberlain wannabes in the upper echelons of our “democratic” leadership.

    Talk about those who forget history are doomed to repeat it 😦


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