Raids foil yet another Islamic terror plot in Sydney

Will have to wait a bit longer to enrich our culture…

Will have to wait a bit longer to enrich our culture…

You have to wonder at the brilliant timing of Ed Husic and Bill Shorten ripping into Tony Abbott for linking Islamic terrorism to Islam, when yet more raids in Southwestern Sydney have uncovered yet another (Islamic) plot to kill infidels.

But hang on folks, raiding jihadis’ homes and foiling such plots ‘unfairly targets Muslims‘ and is ‘divisive‘, right, Mr Grand Mufti?

On the other hand, plotting to waste a bunch of filthy kuffar isn’t at all divisive, I suppose. That’s just ‘inter-faith dialogue’, right?

Another example of cultural enrichment from the Religion of Peace has been thwarted, thankfully.

A notorious group of alleged Islamic radicals have been arrested over an alleged plot to attack a government building.

Heavily armed counter terrorism officers from the Australians Federal Police and the NSW Police this morning raided two Sydney homes, arresting the occupants and charging two individuals over the plot, which appeared to centre on an attack on a police building.

A 20-year-old man from the Sydney suburb of Raby and a 15-year-old from Georges Hall have been charged with an act in preparation of a terrorist act.

Ibrahim Ghazzawy, 20, is expected to face Campbelltown Local Court this afternoon.

Good Methodist name, that.

Three more men, who are already on remand facing related and unrelated matters, are also expected to be charged over the same conspiracy.

‘Men’ – just any random ‘men’.

The two males were members of a community of hard-core Islamic extremists ‘devout Muslims’ targeted in Operation Appleby, a massive police raid conducted in September 2014 over an alleged plot to execute a random member of the public.

But don’t anyone dare say this has anything to do with Islam, because that would be ‘divisive’.


  1. Yep, move along, nothing to see here!


  2. How neybadger says:

    The response to islamic mayhem, from muslims is so predictable. Unfairly targets muslims, creates division, islamaphobia, religion of peace nothing to do with islam, it’s all your fault. Same old same old. It’s pathetic but too serious to laugh at. These imams should not be given space to spew their vile words.


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