Discussing the non-existent link between Islam and terrorism might cause more Islamic terrorism

This is NOT divisive, OK?

This is NOT divisive, OK? Just part of the rich tapestry of our multicultural world…

The double standards and twisted logic is utterly incomprehensible.

The ideology of Islam is responsible for the vast majority of terror attacks in the world – over 27,400 since 9/11 alone, and that doesn’t include the millions killed over the 1,400 years of Islamic aggression instigated by Muhammad in the 7th century.

But bizarrely, none of that is ‘divisive’.

In our brainwashed society, the rest of us non-Muslims must respect it as part of the rich multicultural tapestry of our world.

It’s only when politicians and commentators (usually from the Right, because they are the only ones who actually ‘get it’) start pointing out the obvious links between these atrocities and Islam, do the media and the Left start to wake up, and claim that the criticism is ‘divisive’.

The logic becomes even more convoluted when you try to analyse the pretzel thinking that lies behind this:

Don’t talk about the link between Islam and terrorism (which doesn’t exist) because it will anger Muslims and, despite there being no link between Islam and terrorism, cause more Islamic terrorism.

The Left slept through the Lindt Cafe siege, which was naturally not regarded as ‘divisive’.

Where were they when Curtis Cheng was shot in the back of the head? That clearly wasn’t ‘divisive’ enough.

The slaughter of 130 in Paris and another 14 in San Bernardino were also not sufficiently ‘divisive’ to raise the Leftoids from their slumber…

But as soon as someone raises the link between all of these attacks and Islamic ideology, a link that even Blind Freddy could see, then the Left finally start bleating that it’s divisive? Morons.

At least Greg Sheridan gets it.

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