Ed Husic’s taqiyya

Ed Husic plus Qur'an…

Ed Husic plus Qur’an…

Ed Husic is the first Muslim MP in Australia, who was sworn into the Federal Parliament on a copy of the Qur’an.

This was an odd thing for the parliament even to allow, since there nothing in the Qur’an even vaguely related to the Judeo-Christian values on which Australia and its parliament are based.

And of course, as we all know, the Qur’an regards non-Muslims, i.e. the majority of the Australian population, as the ‘vilest of animals’. Charming. Must try this trick if I ever get arrested in Saudi – maybe they’ll let me swear on a copy of the Bible…

Anyway, despite apparently regarding himself as a secular Muslim, he is still a card carrying member of the Worshipful Company of Headchoppers when it comes to defending his religion against the unwashed infidel hordes, using weasel words and victimology to avoid acknowledging any responsibility on the part of Islam for terrorist acts carried out in its name.

Both Josh Frydenburg and Tony Abbott have spoken bluntly about the link between Islam and terrorism, which is impossible for any sane person to deny. It’s difficult to put a positive spin on ‘slay the infidels wherever you find them’ even for politicians, the experts in smoke and mirrors.

But Husic does just that, in a bravura and supercilious display of taqiyya:

Labor MP Ed Husic accused Mr Abbott of launching “straw men” attacks over Islam as part of an effort to “Trumpify” Australian politics and issued a heartfelt plea to conservative MPs to reconsider their rhetoric.

In other words, stop speaking the obvious truth, because it’s Islamophobic and racist.

Mr Husic, a Muslim of Bosnian heritage, today said the challenge was to “keep the community together, not divide it”.

Have you noticed, it’s always the infidels that divide the community? By not bowing and scraping before the demands of Islam and by daring to discuss the obvious problems within the religion. It seems we are expected to ignore the horrific events which might have given rise to this reaction, like the Lindt Cafe siege or the brutal murder of Curtis Cheng, or the massacres in Paris and San Bernardino, or any one of the other 27,000 Jihad attacks since 9/11.

“What are these guys going on about, other than what I see as a broader effort to Trumpify Australian politics by bringing in the extreme elements of conservative discussion within the US political system to Australian shores?” Mr Husic told Sky News.

To be shocked and appalled at the recent events in Paris is to bring an ‘extreme element of conservatism’, is it? I guess as good dhimmis we should just shut up and pave the way for the march of Islam through our Western democracies, yes?

Mr Husic said it was incumbent on everyone to “build a broad approach” to defending and enhancing Australian liberties [except Muslims – Ed] “bringing in as many people as we can, rather than building up straw men in an effort to create a headline or be able to get a few extra minutes on TV”.

Mr Husic explained how he would be encouraging the Islamic community to work with the Australian government on reforming Islam and stopping extremism:

“Er … [crickets] … [tumbleweed rolls past] … [wind whistles] …”

No, wait. I must have dreamt that last bit.

You would expect the real hard-core headbangers like the Mufti and the various other imams to toe this untenable line, but when an MP pretends that the comments made by Abbott do not have even a grain of truth, it sticks in the craw even more than usual, and makes the task of addressing this fundamental and obvious problem even harder.


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