Political correctness kills

Reporting criminal activity by Muslims is WAYCIST...

Reporting criminal or suspicious activity by Muslims is WAYCIST…

Being PC is no longer just some harmless, unwritten code about saying the ‘right’ thing, as determined by the liberal-left intelligentsia.

It now gets people killed.

Neighbors of San Bernardino shooter Syed Rizwan Farook told ABC Wednesday that they noticed “suspicious activity” at Farook’s home recently, but did not report it for fear of being called racist.

One neighbor noted that police had been called to the Farook household in the past, “maybe for a domestic violence dispute.”

Additionally, Aaron Elswick — a neighbor of Farook’s mother in Redland — said that another neighbor told him “they had I guess been receiving packages — quite a few packages within a short amount of time, and they were actually doing a lot of work out in the garage.”

Probably doing a lot of plumbing work with all those bits of pipe…

“She was kind of suspicious and wanted to report it,” Elswick explained, “but she said she didn’t want to profile.

Because that would be Islamophobic, presumably. And as a result, people died.

It’s about time we stopped pandering to this ridiculous and dangerous notion of political correctness, and started telling the simple, unvarnished truth.


  1. I say “Forget Islamophobic” ! When you see something which needs to be reported then just do it ! The police are always there to help and you can trust them to do the right thing!


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