North Sydney: many won’t be voting Liberal today…

Not many ticks for the Libs?

Not many ticks for the Libs?

UPDATE: A 13% swing away from the Liberals, despite Labor not fronting a candidate. Watch Turnbull spin this as a good result…

“Get over it,” they say. “Move on. Abbott’s finished, Malcolm’s in charge now. Suck it up, losers.”

Well I think there will be plenty of staunch Liberal voters who will be thinking long and hard about how they mark their ballot papers today at the North Sydney by-election.

Turnbull has schemed, plotted, planned and executed Abbott’s downfall since he was ousted as opposition leader in December 2009. Julie Bishop has been in on the plan since at least February 2015, playing silent partner to Mal’s treachery, and her lack of integrity has lost her any chance of ever being PM.

Turnbull’s lurch to the left has included $1bn pissed up the wall to ‘tackle climate change’, weasel words on Islamic State, dumping on conservatives, pandering to the militant SSM brigade, and plenty more. Now, in a potentially destabilising move, Ian Macfarlane has defected to the Nationals, after Turnbull unceremoniously dumped him as industry minister – Mal’s special way of thanking him for helping to depose Abbott.

And despite all the Abbott haters bullying us to ‘get with the program’, many are still bitter at his treatment. Plenty of talkback callers are using phrases such as ‘not voting for Turnbull’, ‘have voted liberal all my life, but not now’, ‘feel betrayed’ etc etc. You cannot just write these views off and cajole them into supporting someone they believe is (a) not a true conservative, and (b) a traitor to the cause.

But as the saying goes, he who lives by the sword… Turnbull and Bishop have legitimised treachery and betrayal in the Coalition leadership, something that until September this year was reserved for Labor.

I don’t believe we have heard the last of this episode.


  1. Jo Goodwin says:

    I’m not in Sydney but I’m not seeing people accepting this yet! You do what you can to get him back!


  2. Alot of Liberal voters like myself will be voting for the likes of Australian Liberty Alliance Party (ALA). Not happy with the Libs now too left.


  3. Many ALP voters did not switch to Green. Nice PUP vote.


  4. Trent may have taken the seat for the Liberals, but the real winner in North Sydney was the Up You Turnbull Party.


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