San Bernardino: searching for a motive that isn’t Jihad…

See no Islam, hear no Islam, speak no Islam

See no Islam, hear no Islam, speak no Islam

It’s always difficult to find a politically correct motive when someone of a certain unnamed faith becomes more devout, grows a beard, and then suddenly and inexplicably feels the need to murder other people in cold blood.

There are so many other possibilities: an argument at work, perhaps?  Or was he suffering from a mental illness, possibly? Or under domestic pressures? We all know that life with a 6-month-old baby (which Syed Farook and his wife had) can be tough, and I’m sure lots of people secretly assemble an armoury of pipe bombs and ammunition behind the sofa and then go out and assassinate random strangers. I mean, hey, we’ve all been there, right? We must never jump to conclusions, you racist!

Except, of course, when we must. After the Oklahoma bombing, the Anders Breivik shooting etc and in any similar event where the perp was not obviously Muslim (and you could almost hear the politicians breathing a heavy sigh of relief at the news) the bodies barely had a chance to get cold before the motivating factor was all sewn up: he or she was a ‘right-wing extremist’ or ‘Tea Party fanatic’ or a ‘fundamentalist Christian’ or ‘white supremacist’.

Notice how they were neither given the benefit of possible extenuating circumstances even for a second, nor given the same opportunity to hide behind paper-thin excuses of ‘lone wolf’ or ‘mentally ill’ or ‘workplace dispute’. In relation to our Muslim friend, however, the media and politicians will wait as long as humanly possible, testing out a range of excuses unrelated to religion, before reluctantly conceding the obvious.

The West’s fear of being labelled ‘racist’ or ‘Islamophobic’, and the resultant shying away from stating the obvious, has resulted directly in many deaths and will result in many more.

So we should, indeed MUST, give political correctness the finger and call a spade a spade. When Muslims go tooled up and kill people, apply Occam’s Razor and say it’s jihad – because 99.9% of the time, it will be.


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    They knew WHY he did it 5 minutes after they shot him. After discussing it with CAIR and getting their viewpoint, telling some stories of them dropping the baby at Grandmas, along with several “Oh…………I’m just SHOCKED by this!!! They were such wonderful people!!! I just can’t believe it” type stories……………….The media and the FBI are STILL searching for a label for this attack, any label that’s not the TRUTH!!! They will continue “soft-soaping” the attackers, until America thinks they were the Brady Bunch, and in the end probably blame the attack on Christians and Jews for “offending” them!!!


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