Turnbull expects loyalty he never gave



What a hide. Malcolm Turnbull and Julie Bishop expect unwavering loyalty from those around them when they gave absolutely none to Tony Abbott.

Turnbull was plotting, leaking and destabilising the Abbott government from day 1, and rushed the leadership challenge before the Canning by-election because Turnbull knew that a good win for the Coalition there would scupper his chances of toppling Abbott.

Bishop sent her chief of staff to a plotters meeting in the days before the challenge but did nothing to warn her boss, Abbott, of the impending challenge, in an act of brazen and shameless betrayal.

But now the boot is on the other foot, as Turnbull and Bishop realise what it is like to have someone briefing against you – not nice, is it?



  1. Never has Australia’s leadership stocks been so low. As a swinging voter who preferenced the Liberal Party in 2013 after voting for a minor party that more adequately represented my conservative values, I can honestly say that if the Liberal Party continues down the Malcolm Turnbull Left-wing ideological bent that includes adherence to political correctness, I will ensure that I place the Liberals at the bottom of all my voting ballots at the next Federal and state elections.

    As an Australian I find Malcolm Turnbull to be a disgraceful Prime Minister. How are the Australian people sitting back and watching our heroes and culture be destroyed by political correctness. The Australian government is now soft and passive. The silent majority and Liberal Party base supported Abbott over Turnbull but counted for little. This man Malcolm Turnbull is not a leaders bootstrap. How can any self respecting Liberal Party member vote for Turnbull ?

    Malcolm Turnbull is good for platitudes, left-wing doctrine and sweeping statements that make one feel that he lives by the mantra of lawyers, “If you can’t beat them with brilliance, baffle them with bullshit”. As far as I’m concerned, if I was leading the court of public opinion, I would find Malcolm Turnbull guilty as charged. The man is a waffler and an empty vessel. A wet as any lettuce and utterly useless, opportunistic to the core, a hypocrite and an elitist grub.

    I certainly don’t trust him when it comes a Carbon Tax or an ETS. I don’t believe him. The Carbon Tax all over again where the compensation was nowhere near enough. It’s like Turnbull was asleep during the 2013 election. if there was any doubt that this bloke is a Socialist, then this doubt is surely now gone. Typical Socialist action, raise taxes, talk compensation and then slowly eat into that compensation in ensuing years thus making the poor poorer and lowering their living standards.

    As for Julie Bishop MP – Person in charge of capitulation to Agenda 21 and handing Australia to the United Nations one world government. Guilty as charged. I feel nothing but contempt for this woman and the transformation to the ‘REAL’ Julie she has undertaken over the last 10 months. She reminds me so much of Julia Gillard who I also despise. The one thing in Ms Gillard’s favor is we always knew what she was but with Ms Bishop, she has been hiding her true self for years and as such i consider her a traitor to the Liberal Party, to it’s conservative base and to right wing politics in general. The Left wing values we are seeing now represent who and what she really is.

    Her treachery towards Tony Abbott was a disgrace and said a lot about the type of person she is. She showed cowardice as did a majority of her colleagues when it came to news polls where people that would never have voted for their party anyway stacked the responses. I personally hope that she will never be in the Prime Ministers chair and that she fails to retain her seat at the next Federal election. .

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  2. I don’t know how we can do it but the only way to save Australia as we know it is to bring back Tony Abbott. The national/liberal party sucks as it is. Turn bull even smiles like Rudd just before he returned Julia stab in the bbback. Between Gillard and Bishop they have put women’s politics back 40 Years, Bishop wants to watch her back she won’t last long now no one will trust her ever again.no matter how much she cries it wasn’t me.

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