10 Leftist myths about Islam

Totally busted

Totally busted

The terrorist atrocities in Paris on 13 November have unleashed a tsunami of delusional Leftist commentary on Islamic State and how we should respond (or not respond, as the case may be).

Case in point, Waleed Aly’s lecture on Channel 10 earlier this week (see my fisking here), which Leftists around the world homed in on as the ultimate expression of their views on the subject. As expected it was a stomach-churning cocktail of snake-oil, hippy ‘love-not-hate’ Kumbaya and full-blown Islamic taqiyya.

So here are ten myths perpetuated by the Left to ensure they stay safely isolated from the unpleasant reality that the world faces, busted for your enjoyment.

1. Islam is a Religion of Peace™

Let’s start with the most basic misunderstanding about Islam: the word ‘Islam’ does not mean peace. Despite being derived from the same root as salaam, it means ‘submission’ – submission to the will of Allah – meaning that Muslims must surrender control of their lives to their religion and it’s requirements.

It is the duty of all Muslims to spread Islam throughout the world and not to assimilate or integrate into Western societies, which they regard as liberal and degenerate. This is reinforced by countless verses in the Qur’an which emphasise the divide between Muslims and non-Muslims, and many others which exhort Muslims to use violence to achieve their ends. Muslims are instructed by the Qur’an to be generous to each other, but ‘harsh’ to the unbelievers.

Furthermore, Islam can only be called a Religion of Peace if the entire world were to submit to the will of Allah. Until then, the planet is divided into the ‘House of Islam’, those areas which have done so, and the ‘House of War’, those areas which haven’t. Islam’s isolationist, expansionist and supremacist agenda has been clear from the 7th century, with conquests and invasions dotted throughout the last 1,400 years.

If we imagine a fictional status quo between a Muslim and a non-Muslim nation, it will almost always be the Muslim nation that will seek to change it. Islam cannot stand still whilst there are non-Muslims and non-Islamic parts of the world in existence.

To characterise Islam as inherently a religion of peace is dangerous and wrong.

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2. It’s just a tiny minority of extremists

It may be a tiny minority that are prepared to carry out acts of terror like 9/11 or Madrid or Paris, but there is a significantly larger minority which tacitly condones the aims, if not the methods, of Islamic State, such as the creation of a theocracy and the imposition of sharia law above the law of democratically elected governments.

The divisions between Muslims and non-Muslims set out in the Qur’an and by the example of Muhammad in the 7th century are not twisted versions of Islamic doctrine, they are 100% mainstream. In fact, the majority of Muslims in the West should really be called Muslims ‘in name only’, because mercifully they do not follow many tenets of the religion.

Islamic scholars, however, would never claim that Islam did not require the expansion of the House of Islam, the imposition of sharia or the conversion of non-Muslims – it would be heresy for them to do so. This is why sites like Islam Q&A are so interesting for non-Muslims to read. At that site, you will find learned scholars of Islam answering day to day questions about life. I suggest you head over there and just explore – it gives a very interesting perspective on how Islam views the rest of us – start at this section: Alliance and Amity, Disavowal and Enmity.

Western leaders like Obama, Kerry and Cameron believe that true Islam is peaceful and that it is extremists that are violent. This is the wrong way round. True Islam is the version practised by Islamic State (following faithfully the instructions in the Qur’an and in the footsteps of Muhammad), and most peaceful Muslims have abandoned significant parts of the faith.

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3. You’re blaming all Muslims for the actions of a few terrorists

No, I’m not. This is not about individual Muslims, but the ideology of Islam. The problem is that followers of the ideology are on a path which, if followed to the end, inevitably leads to violent jihad. Some have described it as a ladder, with increasing devoutness one ascends until you reach the top step. Any Muslim, in theory, can choose to ascend this ladder – most do not, thankfully, but some do – and they end up in Islamic State or as suicide bombers and murderers in Paris.

The distinction must always be drawn between individuals and the ideology, and it is the ideology of Islam that is the problem.

4. Other religions are just as bad

Maybe they were in the past, but this is now. How many countries today are based on any legal frameworks set out in Deuteronomy or Leviticus? None, because Christianity has evolved with the times and has adapted to present circumstances. One Facebook friend claimed that the current ban on same sex marriage was evidence of a legal system based on Leviticus – I will leave that to you to decide whether that is a sensible conclusion.

Compare and contrast with Islam which, rather than just a religion, is a complete and self-contained political ideology, with its legal and ethical codes, instructions for daily living, financial and business transactions – everything – and it hasn’t changed since the 7th century. Muslims believe the Qur’an was dictated by Allah, via the angel Gabriel, to Muhammad, and to them it is literally the word of god. As such, it is immutable – which makes the task of reformation extremely difficult, if not impossible.

Many countries today are based on the ideological, political and legal frameworks in the Qur’an – Mauritania, Sudan, Afghanistan, Brunei, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Yemen, Iraq, Maldives, Pakistan, Qatar, and parts of Indonesia, Nigeria the the UAE – and many more where sharia forms at least part of the legal system.

So here are many, many countries using barbaric punishments and misogynistic legal doctrines today that were developed 1,400 years ago. This is in sharp contrast to Western judeo-Christian countries where jurisprudence has developed and evolved over centuries.

In reality, there is little evidence to support the claim that other religions are just as bad.

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5. It’s our fault for invading Iraq and Afghanistan

Because of the Left’s perverse desire to denigrate the virtues of a highly advanced and successful society that has developed over the past thousand years, Leftists will look to blame us for the actions of Muslims. Whatever your views on interventions in foreign countries for security reasons (Afghanistan to disrupt the Taliban, supporters of terrorism and behind 9/11, or Iraq to depose a dictator who it was believed was amassing WMDs), to blame Islamic terrorism on these events is a classic case of correlation but not causation.

As mentioned above, Islam cannot accept the status quo if it includes non-Muslims and non-Muslim lands, and so it is forced to impose its expansionist desires on the West. This has happened to a greater or lesser extent since the 7th century. The actions of the coalition forces in Afghanistan or Iraq were defensive responses to a threat – it’s as simple as asking, who started it?

Assuming blame for these terrorist acts deludes us that we are able to deal with them by modifying our behaviour, and avoids having to face the reality of an adversary over whom we have no control, and by our standards acts irrationally and unpredictably. It also absolves Muslims from having to consider why so many terrorist acts are carried out in the name of their religion.

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6. If only the West wasn’t so racist and Islamophobic

The Grand Mufti of Australia disgracefully used these labels to silence criticism of Islam as a major factor in the Paris attacks and turn the blame for such events on the West. And many Leftists believe that if only we were nicer then all of these problems would go away. This belief is sadly misguided.

Racist? What race is Islam again? Islam is an ideology which has no racial or geographical boundaries. To claim that criticism of Islam is racist is meaningless.

Islamophobia, on the other hand, is an invention of Muslims to suppress legitimate opposition to Islamic supremacism. Wherever Islam demands special treatment in Western societies (which it frequently does), and the host nation decides that for various reasons this is not immediately granted, Muslims can then use the term “Islamophobia!” to guilt the host nation into acceptance. The special treatment is delivered, and by tiny, incremental steps, Islam spreads.

As with 5 above, blaming ourselves absolves Muslims from asking the hard questions of themselves and their religion, which ultimately sets back any chance of a reformation or modernisation.

If the term were properly applied, Islamophobia would be defined as the fear of Islamic terrorism, which in today’s society is entirely justifiable.

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7. The Crusades!

This is the Pavlov’s Dog reaction of many Leftists to any criticism of Islam’s link to terrorism and violence. “But what about the Crusades?” they wail. “See, Christianity is just as bad!” There are so many errors with this moral equivalence I’m not sure where to start:

  • The Crusades were a thousand years ago, Paris was last week
  • The Crusades were a defensive operation. Against what? Against Islamic expansionism and invasion. Ouch.
  • The expulsion of Muslims from previously Christian lands does not make the Muslims ‘victims of Christianity’ – those lands were entitled to expel the Islamic conquerors.

Equating 27,000 Islamic jihad attacks since 9/11 to a defensive campaign a thousand years ago is the ultimate display of Leftist denial.

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8. Islamic State has nothing to do with Islam

This is a biggie. David Cameron and Barack Obama have both stated on many occasions that Islamic State, and indeed many terrorist acts carried out by the Allahu Akbar brigade, has nothing to do with Islam. How they justify this, when ‘Islamic’ is in the name, is difficult to understand… Watch the video:

On the contrary, Islamic State is pure Islam. It is led by Islamic scholars (ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi has a PhD in Islamic Theology) and cites verses from the Qur’an and the example of Muhammad to justify almost every one of its actions. The Parramatta murderer of Curtis Cheng was closely linked to the mosque, and obtained his weapon there. Where were the imams to explain to him that Islam is a Religion of Peace™? Where were the scholars who could have told him that he’d got Islam all wrong? Nowhere to be seen, apparently.

Fortunately, most Muslims in the West do not adhere to the requirements of their ideology, but that does not mean they are not central to its teachings.  The unfortunate result of this is that Islamic scholarship is directly linked to violence against non-Muslims.

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9. We are all part of one big humanity

Many on the Left advocate that whether Muslim or not, we are all part of one big humanity and that we all deep down share the same values. This conclusion is based on the multi-culti Western viewpoint of ‘humanity’ which is very different from the view of ‘humanity’ you get from being brought up a Muslim. We cannot expect those raised in the ideology of Islam to regard non-Muslims as equals – it is set out clearly in the Qur’an that Muslims are superior to non-Muslims, and that non-Muslims are unclean and ignorant of the revelations of their religion.

It is wishful thinking to believe that we can all connect on some fundamental human level which transcends religious differences instilled since birth.

10.  Let’s all sing Kumbaya around the camp fire and the problem will go away

No, it won’t. Islam has been at war with the non-Muslim world, in some way or another, for 1,400 years. In it’s purest form, it is a primitive, totalitarian, racist (in the true sense of the word), supremacist, misogynistic, barbaric and violent ideology which is incompatible with Western freedoms and democracy. Any weakness is exploited and negotiation is futile.

But our leaders still have trouble accepting that Islamic State and Islamic terrorism in general is inspired and justified by the religious imperatives of the Qur’an, and until they do we will be unable to devise a strategy for the defeat of this dangerous ideology.

Pax (if only…)


  1. Thanks Simon,
    Good summary of what we are never told.


  2. Brilliant. Bookmarked for future reference.


  3. 5th Century, not 7th. let the ones that want to live there, live there. take away all technology and leave them goats (which they can copulate with if they are female).
    there aren’t enough virgins to go round since the 6th century AD.


  4. Honeybadger says:

    Excellent summary with appropriate rebuttals to all the usual illogical, leftie logic. Australian politicians need to read this succinct piece to gain a few clues as to what islam is about. It’s amazing they have such little curiosity about the basics of islam and trot out the appalling racist, ad hominens.


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