Paris Attacks: Mufti hides behind the cowardly fiction of ‘Islamophobia’



Islam has pursued its Qur’an-sanctioned agenda of global supremacism and violence against non-Muslims since the 7th century. For the Mufti to claim that this agenda is now driven by ‘Islamophobia’ is a cowardly fiction.

Islamophobia is a term hijacked recently by Muslims to divert attention away from Islam’s supremacist agenda. And the West, as usual, has fallen for it, hook, line and sinker.

Use of the term Islamophobia has only come to the fore in the last decade or so, primarily after 9/11 and other Islamic terrorist atrocities. It was a useful appropriation, because the scale of Islamic violence had reached a point where its link to mainstream Islamic doctrine could no longer be denied.

Something was needed to distract the infidels from the path to Islamic world domination. I know, they thought, let’s blame our violence on them! Thus the Islamophobia strategy was born, allowing Muslims the world over to blame their terrorist attacks on the alleged hatred of Muslims by non-Muslims.

The reality, of course, is that this cycle of violence was started by Islam long ago in the 7th century, when Islam began its campaign of violence, mayhem, invasion and subjugation of infidels. As a consequence, any hatred or dislike of Islam is entirely of its own making, and entirely rational. If you play the role of playground bully, going around hitting other kids, those kids ain’t gonna like you very much.

So it is with Islam. The civilised world regards Islam as the playground bully, and that bully cannot then turn round and complain that nobody likes it any more. If you stopped hitting other kids, they might not dislike you so much.

But don’t expect Muslims to accept this blindingly obvious logic, since that would necessitate them accepting that the cycle of ‘Islamophobia’ started with their own intolerant ideology, and that would defeat the object.

The Grand Mufti’s statement yesterday, blaming ‘racism’ and ‘Islamophobia’ for the Paris attacks, is a sickening example of the cowardly falsehoods that are peddled by Muslim leaders when such atrocities occur.

The real reason for that attack is exactly the same as every Islamic terrorist attack since the 7th century: the Qur’an mandated spread of Islam throughout the world, via the sword. Until that imperative is removed, then nothing will change.

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