Funniest headline of the year?

Congratulations to the Victoria police who have inspired this classic ($) in The Australian today:

‘Messiah’ siege not linked to religion, says Victoria cops

Apparently, one of Australia’s recently arrived multicultural enrichment ambassadors held up a cafe with a meat cleaver (you know, as one does), and started spouting about being the ‘messiah of Islam’.

But in our ludicrous politically correct world, using the words ‘messiah’ and ‘Islam’ in a sentence immediately requires the police to inform us that he was ‘mentally ill’ (natch) and in fact:

“There is absolutely nothing to suggest any connection to any religion, race or any other…”

Duh, silly me, there I was thinking ‘messiah’ and ‘Islam’ might be words with some tenuous link to ‘religion’. But who are you going to believe? Us, or your own lying eyes?

Black is white and white is black. Up is down and down is up. Our police twist themselves into pretzels to avoid stating the bleedin’ obvious.


  1. Amazing. Simply amazing! What are these people using for brains, eh?!

    At the rate at which reasonable depictions of reality are being consigned to the piles of politically incorrect “unmentionables”, I can’t help wondering how long it will be before those of us capable of rational assessment and thought are reduced to expressing our views in sign language!


  2. Maybe his name is Brian? If so, it’s true after all: “He’s not the Messiah, he’s a very naughty boy.”


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