Mosques using Arabic to conceal radical messages

Lost in translation?

Lost in translation? [click to enlarge]

I caught a few minutes of Ray Hadley on 2GB this morning, and heard him read out an email, the gist of which was that the author had visited Lakemba mosque as part of a university project. The Friday sermon on 2 October (the day Curtis Cheng was brutally murdered) lasted some 28 minutes in Arabic, and contained within it references to America, Iraq and Jews, recognisable in English. The English translation which followed, and which was supposed to be full and accurate, lasted a mere 8 minutes, and had no mention of America, Iraq or Jews.

Minutes later, Ray received another email from a Muslim (bravo) who dobbed in Blacktown Mosque for exactly the same thing – extremist sentiments hidden in the Arabic, and expunged from the English translation.

None of this should come as any surprise. The mosques are the homes of the most devout in Islamic ideology, and therefore hotbeds of incitement and radicalisation. MEMRI TV has been exposing this for years (see here for a recent example).

It’s little wonder that the firebrand Friday sermons, advocating Islamic supremacism, sharia law, Death to America, etc, and which are almost certainly taking place in mosques every week, all over Australia, are given in Arabic, with a sanitised version in English to keep the infidels in the dark.

Looks like we will need ASIO to position Arabic speaking agents in every mosque to ensure that seditious speech and incitement do not go unpunished.


  1. Anybody with half a brain and a cursory reading of the koran would know quite well that whatever a muslim says to us is a lie. They are told to lie to us. Why does something like this come as a surprise. I just wish our so-called leaders could see this. What the hell are they afraid of? Turkeys president Erdogan said it succinctly – to call a muslim moderate or radical is an insult to the muslim and to islam; we are muslims, nothing more nothing less. He is there telling us that ALL muslims have one goal – to rid the world of non-muslims. Couldn’t be clearer than that could it? Let’s call a spade a spade and stop this sucking up to the enemy. We need to stop the invasion of our country now before it is too late. Do we want to end up like Europe and the UK. They woke up to the ruse of muslim migration to late.


  2. Thanks for at least trying to get the message out there. It’s such a surprise that we aren’t being told the whole truth!/sarc

    What with Taqiyyah, our leaders’ naiveté and appeasement, the constant cry of victimisation and the branding of any dissent as “Islamophobia/racism” we really are struggling against a rising tide of terrorism and hatred of all things Australian.


  3. We need a plant in these places… but I guess any info can’t be use because we may upset some non pork eating person.


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