Shock: Muslim leaders whine about tougher anti-terror laws

Silma Ihram: why is it that converts to Islam are so militant?

Silma Ihram: why is it that converts to Islam are so militant?

What a surprise (not). Wouldn’t it be a refreshing change if Muslims leaders actually came out and supported such actions?

Little chance of that.

All we get, as expected, is the usual whinging and whining from Muslim leaders. Demanding consultation, like the privileged group Muslims believe they are, it would be the same as discussing reforms to the law with the local criminal community.

But this isn’t surprising. Muslims are brought up from birth to believe they are superior to their infidel overlords in every possible respect, so obviously it is perplexing to them why the kuffar government isn’t telegraphing every single decision to the Islamic community and seeking ‘agreement’ before they take action.

Here we go, fasten your seatbelts:

New South Wales Premier Mike Baird has been criticised for not mentioning tough new counter-terrorism laws at a meeting with Muslim community leaders held in Sydney, hours before the announcement.

Mr Baird and NSW Police Minister Troy Grant announced on Monday night they had written to Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull pushing for tougher national security laws in the wake of the fatal shooting at NSW Police Headquarters at Parramatta on October 2.

Teenage gunman Farhad Jabar shot dead police accountant Curtis Cheng soon after attending the Parramatta Mosque a few blocks away.

But Silma Ihram from the Muslim Women’s Association said community leaders, including the Grand Mufti of Australia and the chairman of Parramatta Mosque, should have been briefed about the plan when they attended a meeting at the Premier’s office in Sydney just hours earlier.

“I think it’s very unfortunate. When you go to consultation, you expect there’s going to be the opportunity to hear what the Government’s going to do before they do it,” Ms Ihram said.

“It certainly took us by surprise, especially since they were announced shortly after the meeting.

“We don’t believe they are going to be beneficial to Australian society as a whole and it certainly is going to feed straight into the narrative of Daesh (another name for Islamic State)… so it’s really a major problem and it’s going to make things worse, unfortunately.”

Nothing the filthy kuffar does will ever please the Muslim community, so why bother trying?


  1. Sounds like a threat to me. Deport.

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  2. margieinoz says:

    “…. so it’s really a major problem and it’s going to make things worse, unfortunately.” Yep, sound like a threat to me too!!


  3. Since when did the Australian Government become answerable to the immigrant communities, especially the muslim community? They least of all, should not have any say in what Australia and its Government want for our country. If they’re so important in their own countries, then let them do the obvious, go back where they can dictate to their own, but they have no rights to contradict Australian Law or they should be deported. They assume too much!


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