Prison dawah – ISIS threatens inmates at Goulburn

Spreading Islam in the prisons…

Assam Hamzy, spreading Islam in the prisons…

Our prison population is, like many Western countries, overrepresented by the Muslim population [wonder why? – Ed].

But never letting the opportunity go to waste, they spend their time proselytising, threatening and converting their fellow inmates to help the spread of Islam in the dar al Harb, presumably so that when they are released, they can shoot an infidel in the back of the head to please Allah.

It’s difficult to see how Malcolm Turnbull could spin this as ‘political’ when it’s clearly religious. There is no option but to segregate Muslim prisoners from non-muslims henceforth at all times:

Australia’s highest security prison is becoming overrun by an extremist ISIS gang threatening to behead correctional officers and inmates unless they convert to radical Islam [just ‘Islam’ – Ed].

According to the Daily Telegraph, at least 30 gang members reside in Goulburn jail in NSW, are engaging in barbaric warfare against jail ‘infidels’ that oppose their religious ideologies.

Home to SuperMax, Goulburn houses some of Australia’s most infamous and dangerous criminals.

Last month, a ‘Lebanese’ yard was made exclusively Muslim, with prison guards relocating all males who didn’t identify as Islamic.

‘Word on the street was most in that yard (had been radicalised) and they were going to take a hostage — one of the six Christians in the yard — and behead them,’ a prison guard told the Daily Telegraph.

Prison guards at the sprawling correctional facility in Goulburn believe groups like ‘Brothers 4 Life’ are well and truly turning to the extremist Islamic death cult, ISIS.

‘I would call ISIS a gang now. We are finding ­tattoos, taking photos of flags, and taking ­terror material from them,’ said one prison guard, reported the Daily Telegraph. (source)

But don’t forget, Islam is a religion of peace™ and all we need is more dialogue. If only we Australians stopped being so racist and Islamophobic, this whole problem would just evaporate into thin air.


  1. Honeybadger says:

    Beware the hate beard. That and the various head coverings, particularly the black letter boxes tell you all you need to know. i.e. I/we do not share Western values but prefer 7th century values which are primitive and hostile to you, the infidel.


  2. And that’s why last week in Parramatta was a good outcome. One little bastard who won’t be able to join them in Goulburn. Shoot to kill policy when dealing with such incidents.


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