Relations with Muslims are strained by terrorist acts, not police raids

This is what 'strains relations' with Muslims

THIS is what ‘strains relations’ with Muslims

The victim mentality of the Muslim community really does know no bounds.

Nearly a week after an innocent stranger was gunned down in cold blood by a Muslim shouting ‘Allahu akbar’, you would have thought the Muslim community would have been desperate to show Australia the efforts they are making to combat the radicalisation that drives such shameful and cowardly acts.

Nope, no sign of that. They are more concerned about criticising the police raids.

Early on Wednesday morning, more than 200 armed police officers arrested four men and raided homes in the Sydney suburbs of Guilford, Wentworthville, Merrylands and Marsfield.

Since the Lindt cafe siege last December there have been multiple raids aimed at quashing any terror threat.

Muslim Legal network barrister Bilal Rauf says despite a united front against terrorism, the lack of clarity surrounding recent counter-terrorism raids has inadvertently put some offside.

“There’s no doubt a level of apprehension amongst those who do identify with the Islamic faith in terms of the way things have been done,” Mr Rauf said.

A week after the cafe siege in December 2014, two alleged would-be jihadis were arrested in Sydney’s west.

The arrests have continued with a 33-year-old man was arrested in January for weapons offences and an Anzac Day terror plot foiled in Melbourne with a group of teens arrested over plans to behead police officers.

A 17-year-old boy was charged in May over an alleged Mother’s Day attack plan.

Most of those charged come from an Islamic background.

Peter Doukas from the Ethnic Communities’ Council said ties need mending between some Muslims and the rest of the country.

I hate to state the obvious here, but all it takes is for Muslims to stop committing or attempting to commit acts of terror in Australia, based on the verses of the Qur’an which advocate violence against non-Muslims.

That would be a first step in ‘mending ties’, don’t you think!

“It’s understandable that the reaction of the wider community to what’s happening makes the Islamic community feel isolated,” he said.

“It’s necessary for people to belong and the first step in addressing these challenges is for people to feel like they belong – to their community and to the wider Australian community.”

Give me a frickin’ break. Many Muslims don’t want anything to do with the Australian community. They live in Islamic ghettos where life is modelled more on Iran than Australia. They are isolated because they choose to be isolated, and because they have no intention of integrating with Western style Australian society.

This, of course, is driven by Islamic doctrines which state that:

  • Muslims are superior to non-Muslims in almost every conceivable way, and that they should not form friendships with them;
  • Muslims have a duty to convert non-Muslims and to strive to establish Islam throughout the world.

Given those positions, what good Muslim would have anything to do with filthy infidels?

But what is the wider Muslim community doing to prevent terrorism and extremism? Nothing.

Where’s the condemnation from the Grand Mufti? Missing in action.

Where are the protests by moderate Muslims distancing themselves from this barbaric execution? Nowhere to be seen.

What are the mosques and imams doing to ensure that extremism is not advocated or encouraged? Nothing, in fact, likely quite the reverse. As I have said, devoutness = radicalisation, and since the most devout Muslims will be found in the mosques, that’s where you will find the radicals who believe that the goal is an Islamic state, and the Qur’an justifies violence against non-Muslims to achieve it.

Instead of this victim mentality, which is wearing extremely thin, it’s time for the Muslim community to take responsibility for their own actions. Wake up and smell the coffee – Australia isn’t going to put up with this any more.


  1. “Australia isn’t going to put up with this any more.” Most Australians don’t want to put up with this any more would be more correct.
    Until the governments gets it’s nose out of the muslims’ arses nothing will be done. For myself I am getting sick and tired of this behaviour from our gutless PM and his cronies who, for their own reasons, refuse to admit that there is a problem. They are more interested in sucking up to the muslims. FFS what are they afraid of.
    Tony Abbott recognised the threat and got knifed for his efforts.
    There is clear and present danger to the Australian way of life and it is coming from the muslim community.
    You ask where the condemnation from the so-called moderate muslim community against the terrorists acts. Well, don’t hold your breath. You know as well as I do that there is no such thing as a moderate or peaceful muslim. Turkeys Erdogan said it some time ago – to call a muslim moderate is an insult to muslims. We are muslims pure and simple with one goal in mind – world domination and to live in a world with no non-muslims. That is the muslim definition of peace.
    All terrorists are muslim. All muslims are terrorists in waiting – waiting for their call to take up arms and become a martyr for Islam.
    The recent terrorist is now on his way to muslim heaven where there is waiting his 72 virgins. His family is being rewarded for bringing up such a fine muslim. He was not radicalised – he was a fucking muslim. He was born a muslim, he was raised a muslim, he knew the Koran, he attended mosques, he was educated a muslim, muslim ideals and culture were ingrained in him. He was simply a muslim who was called upon to do his duty for allah.


  2. Hi, as a fellow Muslim, I would like to inform you that you’ve taken the Quranic verse out of context! We are not encouraged to go against non-Muslims. The reason why it mentions for Muslims to fight non-Muslim was at the time of war.

    God has told us that killing a soul (whether believer or not) is like killing the whole mankind.

    I agree someone Muslims do kill other non-Muslim people but don’t all religion have some members that do that.

    We are encouraged to preach our religion but cannot force other physically, verbally, mentally, whatever way possible to change religion. God wants us to believe in His existence, in His power, His virtues, purely out of love and interest.

    Not because you have a gun to your head or being attacked by people. Our Prophets, Adam, Abraham, Moses, Jesus, Muhammad (may peace and blessing be upon their souls) did not force people into the religion.

    As we Muslims are taught, we have free will which doesn’t mean you are to abuse this power.

    We are to blend into society but not to extent we mix the nature of religion to society norms and values.

    I hope this clears some things and has been beneficial.

    Hope you have a lovely day/evening


  3. Honeybadger says:

    Excellent summary of the real issues involved. Our politicians should read this as they are clueless. President al Sisi summed it up with the need for the reform of islam but it aint going to happen any time soon. The only part solution is to stop importing muslims, ban the burqua, monitor their mosques and schools and do something about halal. Singapore has no problems with muslims because the country weilds a strong stick and lets them know who’s boss.


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