Parramatta: police and politicians avoid obvious links to Islam

Applies to Muslims

Applies to Muslims

Wilful blindness abounds from police and politicians as to the motivation behind the execution of Curtis Cheng in Parramatta.

The undisputed facts of the matter are as follows – the gunman:

  • visited Parramatta Mosque, a place of worship* for the religion of Islam;
  • put on black robes and armed himself with a gun;
  • executed a non-Muslim by shooting him in the back of the head at point-blank range;
  • after the event, shouted “Allahu akbar”, a Muslim war cry that means ‘the Islamic god Allah is the greatest’ i.e. superior to other gods.

But this evidence appears to be insufficient for police and politicians who, tied up as they are in politically correct dogma, are desperate not to be labelled ‘racist’ or ‘Islamophobic’.

To anyone but Blind Freddy, this is an obvious case of jihad: the struggle against non-Muslims in the cause of advancing Islam and pleasing Allah.

By failing to even acknowledge this obvious link, politicians and police are pandering to the grievance-mongering and endless victim mentality of the Muslim community in Australia, which continually whines that it is a persecuted minority – a laughable claim, since Muslims are almost invariably given special treatment when they demand it.

Time for politicians and police to speak bluntly about the threat from Islam in Australia, and stop tiptoeing around it.

*Mosques are not ‘places of worship’ like churches or synagogues, they are the command centres and the barracks for the soldiers of Allah in the House of War (i.e. the West).


  1. I think they don’t want to alienate the moderate Muslims, who do not follow the Koran to the letter. Time will show whether their approach will bring about good results.


  2. I see the Feds have spent 40 Million to relocate refugees so far 4 have been relocated …going well ,,,in 200yrs time we will have got our moneys worth.


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