Parramatta gunman radicalised at Sydney mosque

Training up the soldiers of Allah for the fight against the infidels

Training up the soldiers of Allah for the fight against the infidels

Politicians and police will be scratching their heads for days at this one.

Surely Islam is a ‘religion of peace’? they will wail.

No, Islam is a political ideology of violence and conquest.

How could he be radicalised at a ‘place of worship’? they will plead.

Because mosques aren’t places of worship like churches, they are barracks for the soldiers of Allah.

In Islam, devoutness = radicalisation. The higher one ascends the ladder of Islam, the more violent one inevitably must become towards non-Muslims, because the Qur’an and Mohammed command it.

And the heart of extremism and radicalisation in the Muslim community will be in those places where the Qur’an and the acts of Mohammed are most closely studied: the mosques.

So to anyone even vaguely aware of the nature of Islam, the fact that he was ‘radicalised’ at a mosque is hardly surprising.

So ignorant politicians and police will no doubt be baffled.

The 15-year-old who shot dead a police employee in Sydney is ­believed to have been ­radicalised through worshippers he met at one of the city’s mainstream mosques where other teenagers are known to have sympathies for the terrorist group Islamic State.

Farhad Khalil ­Mohammad Jabar would regularly skip school to pray at the Parramatta Mosque, less than 1km from the NSW Police State Crime Command building where he ­executed 58-year-old accountant Curtis Cheng on ­Friday afternoon.

Detectives searched the mosque on Saturday night after reports Jabar had been seen there before his attack, only hours after imams leading the day’s service included one associated with the controversial ­political group Hizb-ut-Tahrir.

Hizb-ut-Tahrir officials yesterday refused to condemn ­Friday’s killing during a public protest against the involvement of Western governments in the Middle East.

Like Islamic State, the org­anisation believes in the establishment of a “caliphate” or auto­nomous Muslim state and has been declared a terrorist ­organ­isation by other countries, ­although it does not endorse ­violence publicly.

One of the speakers at the rally, Hamzah Qureshi, said Hizb-ut-Tahrir would “stand with the Muslims of Syria”.

“The day is not far where we will witness a world where our children and our grandchildren will once again see the light of Islam as the world saw for centuries before,” he told the protest. (source)

And people wonder why ordinary Aussies don’t want mosques in their back yards.

Time to start treating these places not as places of worship but as enemy territory.


  1. He was not “radicalised” at the mosque.
    The little bastard was born a muslim, and was brought up a muslim, by his muslim parents who taught him to read and absorb and follow the rules set out in the Koran. He attended a mosque or mosques and obtained further insight into the wonderful world of islam.
    Islam is a religion of peace, but not in the same way Christianity, buddhsim, or jewish religions are. The latter religions’ meaning of peace is all people on earth living in peace and harmony with one another. The muslim definition of peace is all people on earth being muslim and anyone who isn’t or refuses to be muslim is killed. Then the muslims will live in peace. It’s pretty simple really. They’ve been doing it for 1400 years.
    There is no such thing as a moderate or peaceful muslim. Turkey’s Erdgon made this clear when he said it is an insult to call a muslim a moderate or peaceful muslim. A muslim is a muslim, nothing more nothing less.
    All terrorists are muslim. And all muslims are potential terrorists. They await their call to duty by their hate preacher at the mosque. When that call comes, make no mistake, your friendly muslim neighbour will take out his sword and behead you without any guilt. He is acting in the name of his god.
    This bastard will not become a martyr and will receive his rewards in heaven, including his 72 virgins. I hope they are all 90 years old.
    His parents will be congratulated by the hate preacher for bringing up such a fine son and having him become a martyr for his faith. No doubt they will also receive rewards for their efforts.
    And so it goes on with Islam, and will continue to go on until authorities have the guts to call it for what it is – a death cult as described by former PM Abbott. Europe has recognised this but it is too late for them. They are doomed. They will be a muslim dominated country within a few years. They will be followed by the UK and then the US which will capitulate without a fight led by their muslim president (remember he is the bloke who said the sweetest sound on earth is the muslim call to prayer FFS).
    The muslim agenda is clear. Rid the world of non-muslims by migration to non-muslim countries and take them over. That is why the so-called muslim refugees don’t seek their asylum in muslim countries. Again it is pretty simple – those countries are already muslim and don’t need to be conquered.
    And so the muslim invasion continues.


  2. I read where the murderer aged 15 lived in a flat. Implication was that he was not living at home with family. How does a boy of 15 have the income to pay rent in Sydney ?


  3. Never thought I’d see a civil war in my country in my lifetime. But here it comes. There’s a lot of sense talked on Bolt, Blair, Pickering, here. Not much coming from the 2 main parties.



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