Parramatta: Where are the condemnations from Islamic leaders?

Not in any hurry to condemn…

Not in any hurry to condemn…

Missing in action. Islamic leaders are saying nothing after the Parramatta shooting, a sickening act of jihad carried out by a devout Muslim shouting ‘Allah is the greatest’.

Their silence tacitly condones the actions of the gunman. You might even think that they secretly supported such actions…

As of midday on Sunday 4 October, here are the responses from the usual suspects:

  • Grand Mufti of Australia, Ibrahim abu Mohammed: nothing
  • President of the Muslim Councils of Australia, Hafez Kassem: nothing
  • Chairman of the NSW Islamic Council, Khaled Sukkarieh: nothing
  • Islamic Council of Victoria: nothing, and ICV is usually at the front of the queue when it comes to Muslim grievance mongering…
  • Islamic apologist, Mona Eltahawy: nothing
  • ABC favourite Lydia Shelly: nothing
  • Keysar Trad: says gunman “doesn’t represent Australian Muslims” but doesn’t go on to explain how what he did contradicts the exhortations to violence against non-Muslims in the Qur’an
  • Anne Aly: partially exonerates the gunman and Islamic doctrine by blaming ‘anger and violence’ in Muslim youth (which she presumably attributes to Australian ‘racism’ and ‘Islamophobia’…)
  • Another ABC favourite, Randa Abdel-Fattah: retweets usual ABC ‘lone wolf’ nonsense to shift blame away from Islam – the reality is that there are no lone wolves in Islam. There are 1.6 billion of them in the global umma, all following the same rule book, the Qur’an

The silence is deafening. It isn’t surprising, however. Any true Muslim would like to see the overthrow of man-made democracies, the conversion or elimination of non-Muslims, and the imposition of a state based on sharia law.

Islamic doctrine tells us that the killing of an infidel pleases Allah, and all Muslims should strive to do so…


  1. You don’t really expect any words of condemnation from the Muslim society do you? This kid was born a muslim, had been brought up by muslim parents and knew the Koran by heart. He attended a muslim mosque where he was eventually accepted by the hate preacher to become a martyr of islam, by following the directions of Mohamed and the Koran to kill non-muslims. He was provided with the gun by the preacher at the mosque. They assured him that there would be 72 virgins awaiting him in heaven and off he went on his quest to kill as many infidels as he could. He’s now on his way to muslim heaven where there awaits his reward. He was not a lone wolf, neither were his actions politically motivated. He was a muslim doing what a muslim must do – kill infidels. All muslims are terrorists in waiting – waiting for their call to martyrdom. Allah is pleased.


  2. No words of condemnation but the pop, pop, pop of champagne corks. Time to think, “if I came across a situation like this, what would I do?” Think people, they’re coming.


  3. I think you are missing the point here if you believe as do the Progressive Left that Islam is the only Religion then there is no debate to be had.
    The Progressive Lefts Islamis Mad Dog is simply doing what the Progressive Left cannot yet do to Australians who do not support their one world new order.
    The Islamist’s are able to implement their shared ideology of Totalitarianism, protected by the Multiculturalism / Religion of Peace Mantra remember that the word ISLAM means Peace unless you are not a Pig Ignorant savage in which case ISLAM means what it does mean and that is SUBMISSION.
    submission TO WHAT ? The teachings of a Syphilitic inspired Paedophile, Slave Trader, Mass Murderer,Gang Rapist , Thief, Mutilator, and Sociopath they call, Mohammed, the “Perfect Man”

    The left could not have hoped for a more fitting Religion than Islam to eliminate the Left’s enemies for they are shared by both the Left and Islam.
    Islam the Porogressive Lefts Mad Dog free to roam at will fully protected by the Laws of Multiculturalism and all Cultures and Religions and Belief’s are equal under Progressive Socialism.


  4. And Turnbull says dont blame Muslims. We have to blame someone. Murder must be treated appropriately but in Auz we dont blame or punish any one. None of this will ever stop without action. Asking Muslims not to do it is insane.


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