The Surrender of Europe: the next steps

Hey, I hope that's Halal water, or else…

Hey Infidel! I hope that’s Halal water, or else…

The gates have been flung wide, and the invaders arrive. But that is just the beginning, and already the next steps are underway.

Obviously, Europe cannot expect the invaders, sorry, migrants, to adapt to the cultural norms of their host countries – that would be terribly racist, clearly. So the local populations have to start adapting their behaviour to suit the cultural standards of their guests.

Police in the Bavarian town of Mering, where a 16-year-old girl was reportedly raped this month, have warned parents not to allow their children outside unaccompanied. …

At Pocking, another well-kept Bavarian town, the headmaster of the grammar school wrote to parents telling them not to let their daughters wear skimpy clothing. This was to avoid ‘misunderstandings’ with 200 migrants who were put up in the school’s gymnasium over the summer.

The letter to parents said the migrants were ‘mainly Muslim, and speak Arabic. They have their own culture. Because our school is directly next to where they are staying, modest clothing should be worn… revealing tops or blouses, short skirts or miniskirts could lead to misunderstandings.’

Ah yes, misunderstandings. The fact that rape and sexual assault are illegal under German law doesn’t seem to matter. It’s up to the potential victims not to be ‘provocative’, and not cause ‘misunderstandings’.

And forget that staple of the Bavarian autumn, Oktoberfest, which is now threatened because it is ‘un-Islamic‘. Am I the only one to ask: if it’s un-Islamic, then shouldn’t it be those complaining who should leave, not Munich abandon its tractitions?

And that is just the tip of the iceberg. Once the critical mass is reached, Europe will change for ever.



  1. “At Pocking, another well-kept Bavarian town”…”At Pocking, where the resident women are kept well indoors”. If that’s what 200 can do just imagine what 800,000 will achieve.


  2. Apparently the Oktoberfest petition is fake but as Dawkins’ says who can tell anymore…


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