Aussie Madness on the Turnbull coup

Turnbull coup has shaken the Liberals

Turnbull coup has shaken the Liberals

It’s now a week since the events of last Monday in Canberra, and it has taken me this long to process them sufficiently to write a coherent post. Still reeling from the shock, like many Liberals, I believe that the coup that installed Malcolm Turnbull as PM has left a stain on the party, and sends some very worrying signals both to the party and the electorate.

Here are my five key thoughts.

No PM is ever safe again

The first thing to say, without regard to any other factor, is that to dispose of a first term prime minister is a disgraceful thing for the Liberals to have done. Liberals are supposed to be better than this, and should have resisted sinking to the squalid depths of Labor and its revolving door of leaders.

The inevitable result of this is that no prime minister is ever safe again. When Turnbull slips in the polls, will he too be cut down and replaced? Why not? Before last week, you would have safely assumed that a Liberal PM would stay PM until the election. Not any more. Until last Monday, the Australian people knew that if they elected a Liberal PM, then that is who they would get. But not any longer. Everyone is fair game now.

Yes, Turnbull is the media darling that Abbott wasn’t. He is the glossy, polished performer that Abbott wasn’t. But that is pretty much it. Abbott was stronger in policy and substance, integrity and commitment – in almost every way stronger than Turnbull, but in the end, none of that mattered. What a savage indictment of Australian politics.

Allowing a media campaign of smear and hatred to succeed in  removing a Prime Minister sets a very dangerous precedent

The second thing to say is that this coup rewards the despicable hatred and vitriol spewed incessantly by the ABC, Fairfax and the Twitterati leftists. Those three conspirators successfully portrayed Abbott as a knuckle-dragging, misogynistic, neanderthal thug, who did not simply hold different opinions, but was actually EVIL. A more misleading caricature could not have been created.

Here is a man who was a Rhodes scholar, with a wife and three daughters, who derived pleasure from helping the community quietly and in the background, both as a life saver and a fire-fighter. He was pilloried for his ‘conservative’ views, drawn from his Catholicism, and was thus branded homophobic and racist. Nothing could be further from the truth.

The response of Twitter and the left media since Monday has shown not one ounce of graciousness towards Abbott – in fact they have danced on his grave in a sickening display of triumphalism. Comparing Abbott to Islamic State and serial killer Ted Bundy is just the tip of the iceberg. You could hear the champagne corks popping in Ultimo on Monday, and the feeling within the ABC as a whole was given a nauseating voice by the Q&A audience, reacting to the news of Abbott’s demise live on TV with wild applause.

The haters were successful in the end, and Turnbull and Co rewarded them for their efforts. Rather than fight back, Abbott was too cautious and apologetic, allowing the media lefties free rein. He should not have kowtowed to their smears, but fought back and stood his ground. The public were behind him, and the tiny minority of haters, overly represented in social media and the inner city Green enclaves, were an irrelevance.  Allowing a media campaign of smear and hatred to succeed sets a very dangerous precedent.

Turnbull didn’t just take advantage of Abbott’s weakness, he created it

The third thing to say is that Turnbull and his allies facilitated this coup – starting with the threat of a challenge in February. By a constant stream of damaging leaks, they undermined any chance of an Abbott recovery, and then, with a brazenness that was staggering, innocently claimed that the Prime Minister had failed to make any ground – astonishing! What did they expect? If they were behind the PM, they should have stayed loyal, but they weren’t and they didn’t. They made sure he was constantly distracted by embarrassments, and was therefore unable to build any momentum.

Turnbull lit the touch paper under the Abbott government, and then stood back and watched the fireworks that followed.

Turnbull will alienate conservatives

The fourth point to make is that Turnbull is Labor-lite. He was the best PM Labor never had. His policies on climate change, refugees, the Republic, gay marriage, are all taken from the progressive playbook. He has grudgingly agreed to maintain Abbott policies on climate and gay marriage, but we know that he does it through gritted teeth, and, if he wins the next election, will roll back those policies.

There is a very real threat that conservatives will look for an alternative ideological home, with the potential of a seismic split in the Liberal party. Yes, the Liberal party has always been a broad church, but here we have a leader who is at the leftward extremes on virtually every issue.

It’s all about Malcolm

The final point is that everything is always about Malcolm. In stark contrast to the ethos of service and selflessness embodied by Abbott, Turnbull has no genuine cares for anyone or anything apart from himself. Once he has ‘PM’ on his resume, will he move on to something different if the Liberals split or he gets voted out? Who knows.

He won’t care, of course, he will just move on from the wreckage of the party he helped to destroy.


  1. There’s no need for me to add anything to that. That sums up my views on the matter.

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  2. It’s all about Malcolm! Truer words have never been spoken. He is a traitor to the highest degree along with Julie Bishop and the others who held the knife while Turnbull knifed Abbott. I hope they are proud of themselves.
    Turnbull is the best Prime Minister the labor party has ever had. Wasn’t he the one who tried to join them in the past.
    Turnbull has nothing apart from his charisma and charm. That is not enough to be Prime Minister of this country. With Abbott you got what you saw and what he portrayed to the country. A good man, with high principles, one not afraid to back away from the hard questions. A PM who got Australia back on track, stopping the influx of muslim migrants and protecting our borders.
    Turnbull will now ride on the success of Abbott, and claim them as his own. The push for a republic will be on again – his best mate is the wannabee pirate. He has already started this by abolishing commonwealth awards.
    He is a dangerous man who will now proceed to weaken our country to a level never been seen before.
    The best thing out of this is that Turnbull’s days are limited. He tried it once before and failed. He will fail again.

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  3. It is not a right wing party any longer and we have to support the new right wing AlA party in the next election and set in place that no PM can ever be dumped unless he is voted out. I have voter Lib/Nat all my life but never again will I do so. My full support is now with the new ALA as it is the only right wing party in Australia.REMEMBER Democracy, Dictatorship, and Disaster we have a very safe system in Australia so do not think lightly or make fun of our system..Can you imagine a person like Rudd or Turbull being our head of this country? just look at what is going on in Canberra lately with the ripping off of the travel with Bishop,Burke and the lot of them if we had only a Dictatorship we would have nothing to fall back on to get rid of them. so forget the Dames and Knights it come down to what is safe for australians. By the way I do not like the Rudd’s or Turnbull’s of Australia.


  4. Spot on.

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  5. Stand by for the polls where Fairfax and the ABC ring their friends with the loaded questions and mis-portray Malcolm’ popularity as they did Tony’. Like the UK election the leftie polls completely misrepresent the views of the general public. The Conservatives had a conservative PM written off by push-pollers but won a majority. We don’t until Tony returns. And he will. Malcolm just didn’t get the message first time round. Make sure he gets it this time.

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  6. I have to respectfully disagree with your point:

    “Turnbull will alienate conservatives”

    For me, he already has. No matter what he does from here, his actions have shown his true nature and I don’t for-see a situation that could bring me to vote for him. Now we have 2 Labors and Greens – I sincerely hope this is enough for genuine believers and conservatives alike to vote for the smaller, true conservative parties.


  7. Simon Colwell says:

    A free market, socially conservative, mainstream political party already exists in this country. It’s called the National Party. I have lived in capital cities all my life, I’m not from the bush, but I joined the Nationals because I share their values and believe in what they stand for. Even Chris Uhlmann on the ABC on the night of the coup described Warren Truss as a ‘safe pair of hands’. Join them before it’s too late.


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