Abbott sunk by treachery and a hateful media

Treachery from Turnbull and Bishop

Treachery from Turnbull and Bishop

Malcolm Turnbull and his turncoats were always a threat to Tony Abbott, and should have been sacked years ago.

Ever since Tony pipped him at the post in December 2009, Malcolm has been plotting and scheming to get the job he believes he deserves. And now, thanks to the treachery of Julie Bishop (and many others), he has achieved his goal.

Turnbull complained that Abbott’s performance had not improved since February, whilst at the same time he and Bishop were both leaking like a sieve to destabilise him in the background. With a constant stream of leaks is it any wonder Abbott’s recovery was thwarted.

Finally, of course, the Lefty hate media (ABC and Fairfax) have successfully portrayed Abbott as some knuckle-dragging, misogynistic, neanderthal thug, someone who does not merely hold different opinions, but is genuinely evil.

This is one of the great fallacies of the Left, if you have a different view, you are a bad person. If you oppose open borders, you are a racist. If you start asking awkward questions about Muslims in Australia, you are Islamophobic. If you oppose gay marriage, you are homophobic. Note that none of these responses require any cogent arguments – just name calling.

The media caricature of Abbott has stuck fast, but is a shameful misrepresentation of his true nature as a highly intelligent, thoughtful and caring person, devoted to the public service of his country.

A great loss for the Liberals and a sad day for Australia.


  1. It is a sad day and I feel quite angry about al this; a lot of Aussies seem to have the attention span of a goldfish, and the ‘silent majority’ passively accept what’s in MSM. It’s all very well to scream on social media once the deed is done, but we need to be more proactive if we want good government with decent representatives.


    • I agree but he is an experienced politician and the promise he should have broken was to continue funding the ABC. Nobody did more to smear him. You could hear the champagne corks popping there today.


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