Euro crisis solved: every pro-migrant demonstrator can take in a Syrian family

After you, guys!

After you, guys!

Here’s a solution to the refugee crisis in Europe. All the pro-migrant demonstrators who say Europe should ‘do more’ to help , like those in the photo above, can start by taking a family into their own homes.

How long for? Who knows! A year, maybe five, maybe more…

How many? Families can be large in the Middle East, so could be five, six, seven perhaps… hope you aren’t complaining…

Hope also you are prepared to supply all meals, Halal food (naturally), facilities for ablutions and prayer (five times a day), perhaps ensuring that female members of your family are appropriately dressed so as not to ‘provoke’ your guests.

And of course, they are unlikely to find work for a long time, so be prepared to support them indefinitely.

But I guess none of that is a problem, given your presence at these rallies, so if you are demanding Europe to open its doors, then you should open yours first.


  1. Hit. The. Nail. On. The. Head.
    Exactly what I’ve been thinking. Bravo.


  2. Simon Colwell says:

    Good luck with that. I told a leftie mate once that Labor/Green voters have no right living in upmarket suburbs, that they should sell their homes, buy a suburb in a more “affordable” suburb and donate the profits to the poor, all in the name of equality and sharing the wealth. He went beserk, started frothing at the mouth and told me I couldn’t say that. My point is that Lefties always want society to do what they are never prepared to do themselves. And that’s the crux of being a Leftie, it allows you to feel good about yourself without really having to do anything or make any personal sacrifice.


  3. I’ll open my door to a nice young Muslim lady [snip]. No questions asked.


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