Breaking: ACTU bails out of further legal action against Dyson Heydon

And that message is, we give in…

And that message is, we give in…

Cue laughable excuses for their cowardly capitulation in 3, 2, 1…

I mean, given the union hysteria around Dyson Heydon’s alleged ‘bias’, you would have thought the unions would jump at the chance to take this matter to the courts. But, as always, the truth (rarely spoken by the unions) is rather different: there wasn’t in the beginning, isn’t now and never will be any actual or apprehended bias on the part of the Commissioner.

But that simple fact is obscured by the usual meat-headed union bluster, faithfully parroted by the ABC:

The Australian Council of Trade Unions (ACTU) has decided against taking further legal action against the head of the trade union royal commission, Dyson Heydon.

Two weeks ago Justice Heydon ruled he was not biased and should continue to lead the commission, despite accepting an invitation to deliver a legal lecture at a Liberal Party fundraiser [It was never a fundraiser, and Heydon expressly stated if it were, he could not speak, and in fact, pulled out. But this is the ABC against the Abbott government, so who gives a sh*t about the facts? – Ed]

ACTU secretary David Oliver said in a statement “this is a political process, not a legal process and we will treat it as such”.

LOL! Keep up the struggle, Comrades!

“It remains our view that the only course of action available to the Prime Minister is to end [the royal commission] and we call on him to do so,” he said.

Yeah, good luck with that, mate.

The ABC understands the ACTU and other unions have decided a court appeal would take up too much time and money, with a decision unlikely before the royal commission is due to finish at the end of this year.

Oh! How gracious of the ACTU not to pursue this any further, and let Dyson Heydon off the hook… Oh yes, of course, too much time and money… right. That’ll be the reason. Not that all their legal advisers probably told them it was an utterly hopeless cause with absolutely no legal merit and if they pursued it they would just end up making complete idiots of themselves in the Courts. Not that at all!


  1. Amr Marzouk says:

    Shocked, truly shocked!


  2. ACTU – a criminal trial unfolding?


  3. When you think how our legal system is so stacked wit the left – makes the ACTU capitulation even more stark. TURC should be made a standing RC – how stupid if it ends up being terminated – what a let off for UnionLabor corruption.


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