Oh the irony: crane crashes through mosque in Mecca on 9/11

The will of Allah - to kill Muslims in Mecca…

The will of Allah – to kill Muslims in Mecca…

Allah appears to have a well developed sense of irony, deciding to dump a crane on a mosque in Mecca – the home of Islam – on the anniversary of the World Trade Centre terrorist attacks.

Nearly three thousand people died on 9/11 in 2001 when Muslims flew planes into the Twin Towers and the Pentagon, an event which marked the beginning of Islam’s modern war on humanity and decency – a war which stretches back to the 7th century.

NBC reports:

RIYADH — A towering construction crane collapsed on Friday during a violent rainstorm in Saudi Arabia’s city of Mecca, Islam’s holiest site, crashing into the Grand Mosque and killing at least 87 people ahead of the start of the annual hajj pilgrimage later this month.

Videos and photos posted by social media users showed a grisly scene, with police and onlookers attending to bloodied bodies on the polished mosque floors. Saudi Arabia’s civil defense authority provided a series of rising casualty numbers on its official Twitter account.

As of late Friday, it said those injured in the disaster numbered 184.

A photo posted online by the authority showed police and workers in hardhats inspecting a pile of collapsed concrete slabs inside a part of the sprawling, ornately decorated mosque. Authorities did not provide details on the victims’ nationalities, but it was likely that the tragedy will touch several countries.

It’s a tiny number compared to the millions of innocent victims of the vicious global jihad that has lasted over 1,400 years…


  1. A couple of centuries ago in some European town the army stored its dynamite in cellar of church – under god’s protection. A lightening bolt sent church and all to hereafter.

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  2. Give that crane a medal.

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  3. Honeybadger says:

    Inshallah !!! T’was a German crane too.

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  4. Pran S Dasan says:

    The supreme irony is who the crane belonged to:

    the Bin Laden Group !!!

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  5. One crane down and another 24 to go…. talk about safety??


  6. Pran S Dasan could be right – we heard on BBC TV news overnight that the Bin Laden Group did own the cranes but they may have been onsold to another entity – but talk about a cosmic coincidence – some photos I have seen show the crane foundations sunk prob due flooding affecting fill – Engineering 101 – do not build on fill.


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