Dutton jokes about non-existent climate change, Lefty media goes batshit crazy

Key points - in case you need to memorise them

In case you need to memorise them, or print out and carry around in your pocket

The Lefty media is utterly deranged.

I wrote a blog on climate change for six years, and the one story that kept turning up like a bad penny was the Pacific islands flooding due to rising sea levels.

The story is so useful because of the emotional blackmail that can be wrought on the rest of us: poor islanders being forced to flee their homes as ‘climate refugees’ because the sea levels were rising due to melting ice – caused by burning fossil fuels. It could almost have been written for the ABC and Fairfax.

Trouble is, none of it is true. Sea levels have barely moved, and it is geological movement of the islands that is to blame – i.e. they are sinking. But it’s OK because they are atolls, and as they sink, the coral expands to fill the gap.

Which is why the hysterical outrage of the Lefty media and union puppet Little Billy Shorten is so funny. Bill tries so hard to put on his stern and serious face, but still ends up looking like a garden gnome who’s had his fishing rod shoved up his arse.

When Labor screwed Australia’s economy, killed four insulation workers, pissed billions up the wall on the BER, the ABC and Fairfax stayed silent, instead heaping praise on Labor. But when a Coalition minister makes a harmless joke about a non-existent problem…  ABC even sunk to a ‘Key Points’ pull quote box on their page! See image…

This is a media beat-up of the lowest kind, but the ABC treats it with ludicrously solemn reverence.

Let the wailing commence:

Opposition Leader Bill Shorten has called for Peter Dutton to be dropped from Cabinet following his joke about climate change in the Pacific, but Tony Abbott has defended his minister.

The conversation between the Prime Minister and Mr Dutton was picked up by a microphone before a media event and has sparked anger among Pacific Island leaders.

During the exchange Mr Abbott laughed after Mr Dutton quipped about rising sea levels in the Pacific.

Mr Shorten, who is campaigning in the Canning by-election, said the Prime Minister had to decide on Mr Dutton’s future.

“Mr Abbott now has to make a choice. Are those sorts of views the views you want of Cabinet ministers in this country?” he said.

“Does he choose Mr Dutton or does he choose the Australian people? You can’t choose both.”

Tony Abbott gives Little Billy the finger by immediately praising Dutton, as he should, since he’s doing a bloody good job.

Well f**k you, Shorten, and f**k you, ABC. The grown ups in Australia can see straight through this kindergarten journalism…

Tuvalu sea level - Rising dangerously fast?

Tuvalu sea level – Rising dangerously fast?


  1. Simon Colwell says:

    I wish you would keep doing your climate change blog. As soon as the ALP gets back into power, and they will one day, the climate madness will start all over again.


  2. What happened in 1998?


    • Good question – correlates with the El Nino temp spike… Anyone have an explanation?


      • I would really like to know because according to the global warming nut jobs the hotter it is, the more the ice melts and the sea expands so you think you would see the exact opposite happen to the sea level.


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