Shh! Refugee intake will prioritise… [whisper] Christians!

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Persecution of Christians in Syria and Iraq

Good. Actually, it should be open to all religious groups except one in particular: the Religion of Peace™.

According to Islam, non-Muslims are inferior to Muslims in every way, and convert or die are the only ways out of that. If you are a Christian or a Jew, you have the ‘option’ of living as a fifth-class citizen and paying the jizya to ensure you feel sufficiently subdued, but that life sucks and the only real options for Christians and Jews in Muslim countries is to get the hell out.

The Islamic State also persecutes ‘deviant’ Muslim sects, such as Shiites, as heretics and therefore deserving of death, but that doesn’t mean they should be included in our refugee intake. This is because any Muslim sect, no matter how heretical, is still superior to Christianity and all other religions, and will have no intention of integrating into a Western democracy such as Australia’s. Those persecuted Muslims can go to one of the wealthy Muslim countries of the Middle East (when they eventually decide to take some).

So it is good that Tony Abbott has had the guts to implement this policy (even though he is reluctant to spell it out in as much detail). We should welcome genuine refugees of all religions to Australia, except Islam.

He should also call out the Left’s outrage at the number decided upon (12,000) by pointing to the US, which has sixteen times our population and is taking in… 10,000. Maybe the Left should be complaining to Obama, no, wait, that’ll never happen…

I love the smell of hypocrisy in the morning!


  1. Don’t agree with the increased intake but if it must be so let’s have them all accommodated in close proximity to the refugee supporters. I’d pay to watch that.


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