Heart trumps head in refugee crisis

Some on the Left would do well to heed this advice…

Some on the Left would do well to heed this advice…

As with everything else on the Left, it’s all about ‘feelings’ and emotion.

Labor and Greens politicians are clambering over each other to show who is the most ‘compassionate’. And of course, if you don’t share that heart-on-sleeve attitude, then you’re just a bigoted, racist [insert term of abuse here].

But in the rush to ‘do something’ and demonstrate to the world our compassion, we have forgotten to engage our brains.

Many in Europe (and here) are advocating massive levels of immigration from Syria, Iraq and elsewhere, without pausing to consider the consequences. Previous such influxes have resulted in a widespread lack of integration, a refusal to accept the culture of the host country, and the ghettoisation of Muslim-dominated areas. Many cities in Europe are already in this condition – Malmö, Leicester, Birmingham, for example.

European leaders do not have the courage to consider the possibility that this sudden, and huge, migration may have an ulterior motive, as discussed in my earlier post here.

But daring to mention such concerns will only brand you as a racist in the teary eyes of the Left, which means that the debate is closed down before it even begins.

A compassionate immigration and refugee policy cannot be based on the acceptance of illegal boat arrivals. It cannot be based on rewarding those who pay the people smugglers who risk the lives of the most in need. It cannot be based on a first-come first-served basis, without any prioritisation based on genuine need. And it cannot be based on the blanket acceptance of hundreds of thousands of Muslims, without any background checks and without any knowledge of whether they may be jihadis or terrorist sympathisers.

Paul Sheehan, the only sane voice at Fairfax, suggests that we should prioritise persecuted Christians for refugee intake, and I am completely in agreement with that. I have no problem in taking an increased number of those who we can be fairly certain will not seek to overthrow our democracy and Western values.

I do have a problem, however, and Europe should too, with importing vast numbers of Muslims into Western countries. The Muslim states of the Middle East have shown no indication that they will take any such refugees because (get this) of the threat of terrorism. If anyone in Europe said that, they would be branded an Islamophobic, racist, bigoted Redneck (or some other combination of insults), but it’s OK for Saudi Arabia and Qatar to say it.

Compassion is one thing, but committing suicide in order to demonstrate it is quite another.


  1. You are totally correct. This is not a case of refugees fleeing from a worn torn country (the recent boy on the beach shows this) but migrants leaving their country seeking/demanding to be given haven in a better country. This is the muslim invasion and everybody is falling for the bleeding heart syndrome it is creating. People ask why don’t the arab countries take them – well the answer is simple. That would defeat the muslim goal to take over the non-muslim world.
    Thank goodness that our PM has enough guts to say no. And despite what is published we do in fact take more than our fair share of genuine refugees. The labor party opened our borders to the muslim invasion and we are now in the position that our welfare budget is blown out of all proportion supporting these invaders. What are they giving back to our country for their $60,000 a year support (sometimes more than that) except abuse, and putting their hands out for more. I am expected to support myself on little more than $20,000 a year and hear threats to reduce that because of the welfare blowout. I paid taxes all my working life. Surely I can expect a bit of support from my country for my contribution.


  2. Honeybadger says:

    Beautifully summed up. Logical, practical and rational. Australia already takes in the largest per capita intake of ‘refugees’ in the world which in itself is questionable. The leftie brain really is wired so differently. We now have the absurd situation of the pope recommending that Italian districts take these people into their homes. Well there are millions who would love to live in the West so good luck with that one. Reduce us all to living in islamic hellholes.


  3. Spot on! I whole-heartedly agree. a voice of cool-headed reason in a hotbed of emotional irrationality.


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