Imagine a world without the US and Europe

Game over?

Game over?

The US and Europe are disintegrating before our eyes, and the world will be a very different place in 50 years… perhaps even in as little as 5 years. Massive demographic changes in both continents are changing them forever, and the rest of the world will have to accept a new paradigm.

In the US, the presidency of Barack Obama has indeed ‘fundamentally transformed’ America, unfortunately for the worse in almost every respect. The southern border is essentially non-existent, allowing thousands of illegal immigrants to enter the country (and vote Democrat). Trillions of dollars must be spend on welfare for an imported underclass of unskilled workers which will eventually bankrupt the US.

Racial tension is the highest it has been in decades, thanks to Obama’s attribution of problems in black communities to everything but the communities themselves, and in particular, white police officers, and the support of the divisive and inflammatory ‘Black Lives Matter’ campaign.

UPDATE (not sure how I overlooked this): Let’s not forget Obama’s ‘deal’ to hand nuclear weapons to its sworn enemy, the Islamic Republic of Iran, which many commentators believe will lead, eventually, to attacks on Israel and beyond. If Obama really were a traitor to America, would he behave any differently from how he is behaving right now?

In Europe, hundreds of thousands of African and Middle Eastern migrants are swarming across non-existent borders – the numbers a staggering. Only now are a few countries waking up and smelling the coffee, and deciding, finally, that their borders must be protected once again. Welfare systems and economies in many countries will rapidly collapse under the burden, and many countries may rapidly become ungovernable.

It’s astonishing that this can be happening to two of the great powers of the world, and especially that beacon of freedom, the US. The European dream was doomed right from the start, so its demise is hardly surprising – it has been crippled by a disconnected political elite that ruthlessly subjected its own populations to radical experiments in socialism, multiculturalism and political correctness, and now reaps what was sown. Europe will quickly become the long fabled ‘Eurabia’, as the Muslim population matches, and rapidly exceeds the native peoples.

More shocking, however, is to watch the US descend into chaos in such a short space of time. What will fill the void as the world’s superpower? China? Russia? The Islamic State? It’s as if no-one seems to care. As long as we’re not racist – that’s the main thing.

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