Pygmies clueless against intellectual giant Heydon

Ah, the hypocrisy

Ah, the hypocrisy (link)

Judith Sloan got it right in The Australian yesterday morning:

Dave Oliver, secretary of the ACTU, reminds me of a tantrum-throwing toddler who covers his ears in order to block out the sensible advice of his parents. “I can’t hear you,” he screams, also hoping that no one else can hear the wise words being uttered by the grown-ups.

On the one hand, you have union meat-heads like Oliver, Shorten, O’Connor etc, intellectual pygmies who throw their little tantrums outside the doors of the commission when they don’t get their way, and on the other, you have a distinguished former High Court judge, one of the finest legal minds in Australia, with more intellect in his little finger than the entire CFMEU, AWU and ACTU put together. It’s almost embarrassing.

Then we have Mark Dreyfus QC (for a QC he is*), who disgraced himself and the legal profession of which he is a member by giving his own (politically biased and highly disrespectful) opinion on the matter before even having the courtesy to read Heydon’s judgment.

And finally, to add insult to injury, counsel for the ACTU, who made the application, didn’t even bother to show up for the handing down of the judgment! Awkward…

But the bluster and bluff from Labor and the unions continue, threatening an appeal to the Governor-General or to the courts. Yeah, good luck with that. Who cares what the law is, or what the actual facts are? We all know he’s biased!

Heydon’s 67-page judgment (PDF) is extensive, thorough and essentially bullet-proof, and exposes the unions’ applications as lacking any credibility.

Janet Albrechtsen and Paul Kelly twist the knife here and here, respectively.

*© Gerard Henderson

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