Bidding farewell to Europe

The equation is the same the world over…

The equation is the same the world over…

If you’re thinking of taking a trip to Europe, I would advise you do it soon.

Europe will not be Europe for much longer – the Middle East, Africa and Europe will eventually all mix together in an amorphous sludge of multiculturalism.

Huge daily influxes of primarily Muslim migrants, arriving illegally by boat and on foot, will forever change the demographics of the old European nations, that have stood for centuries, until they are virtually unrecognisable. The terms British, French, Italian and German will eventually become quaint historical oddities, as entire cultures disappear under the weight of migrants.

If you want to see what Europe will look like in 50 years, go to the unlucky guinea pig for this kind of experiment, Sweden, and in particular, Malmö. Unfortunately, importing an underclass of third-world immigrants, a large proportion of whom are unwilling or unable to integrate, to a Western democracy such as Sweden, has led to the rapid breakdown of the social fabric of much of the city. And the pattern is repeated in many other European cities where the Muslim population is significant.

This will be the template for the rest of Europe, where the higher immigrant birth rates from a culturally isolated group will rapidly overwhelm the native population, and the long-established characteristics of European culture will slowly, but surely, drain away.

I guess it was nice while it lasted.


  1. Don’t bid farewell just yet. You make it sound like as if Malmö had turned into a hell on earth (and to be honest, most newspapers are slightly misrepresenting the problem as well). I wouldn’t talk of a “large proportion” of immigrants incapable of integrating. As a matter of fact, Sweden has some of the best integrated immigrants I have encountered. Just because of a fraction of the immigrants are resisting to integrate into Swedish society doesn’t mean Europe shouldn’t be taking in refugees. It’s the only humane thing to do right now.


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