The madness of crowds: Shorten leads as preferred PM

Our next PM, classy as always…

Our next PM, classy as always…

The old adage holds true – the people get the government they deserve. And if this poll is repeated at the election, by the end of 2016 we will have another Labor government with Bill Shorten as Prime Minister.

Just typing it makes me vomit a little bit in my mouth. Prime Minister Bill Shorten… and again.

Yes, Abbott has had a rough few weeks, with the hypocritical and confected outrage of Choppergate, helpfully fuelled and stoked by the Lefty love-media, the radical gay lobby trashing Abbott for standing up for traditional marriage, but seriously? We’d rather have Bill and the Labions? Bill, who is likely to be called back before the Royal Commission to expose his (alleged) shady deals whilst in charge of the AWU? Bill, the shouty union thug who lacks any class?

And the Labions™, who want to bring back the carbon tax, and abandon the Border Force, opening our doors to the boats again? The Labions™ who when last in government couldn’t decide who should be prime minister, and couldn’t organise a chook raffle to save their lives? The Labions™ whose BER scheme wasted billions just for the sake of it, and whose insulation scheme killed four workers through incompetence? The Labions™ who would gleefully trash a former High Court judge in order to protect their union rorts? Really? These are the people we want running our country?

But that’s democracy. If the people of Australia, in their infinite wisdom, decide they want Bill and the Labions™, then who am I to complain? I can always move to New Zealand.


  1. Yes, I’ll be off to NZ as well if that rabble get in, because Australia will be a basket case for decades to come, economically and socially.


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