Labions’ hypocrisy: Bishop has resigned, why hasn’t Tony Burke?

But a $5k chopper ride is far worse…

But a $5k chopper ride is far worse…

Tony Perk, sorry, Burke, still retains his position on the Opposition front bench. Former speaker Bronwyn Bishop, on the other hand, who let’s remember did nothing outside the expenses guidelines, fell on her sword.

Burke’s expenses, ‘within guidelines’, amount to over $2 million. But it appears Bronwyn’s undoing was to be her choice of transport. She chartered a helicopter, still ‘within guidelines’ of course, but something which the Labions no doubt regard as the archetypal plaything of the filthy rich, therefore inflaming their rusted-on class warfare instincts.

Somehow, $5,000 on a chopper is somehow worse than $2 million being spent on charter flights and official jets.

But that’s the Labions all over, isn’t it? One rule for them and one for everyone else.

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