The simple difference between Labor and the Liberals

The Left is synonymous with "wrong"

The Left is synonymous with “wrong”

In a nutshell, this is the essential difference between those on the Left and those on the Right.

When Victorian Liberals realised that one of their own had syphoned off $1.5 million from election campaign funds (allegedly), they immediately called in the police and the full force of the law was applied to the alleged wrongdoer.

Contrast this with the actions of the Labor party (or should I say, the parliamentary ‘bagmen’ of the unions), desperately trying to shut down a Royal Commission on entirely spurious grounds, despite the fact that it has uncovered systemic and widespread corruption and criminal activity within the Australian union movement.

So on the one hand, we have Liberals (on the Right) who have a properly developed sense of honesty and integrity, whilst on the other (on the Left), we have tawdry and selfish politicians like Shorten and Burke who are more concerned with covering the backsides of their corrupt union mates (who fund their party and support their re-election) than protecting the interests of those they piously claim to represent – the Australian workers.

Labor are devoid of any decency or integrity, but are simply grubby, power-hungry puppets of the thuggish unions.

It’s not Right vs Left, it’s Right vs Wrong.

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