Labor: the party of insanity

Defined insanity - and there ain't no Einsteins in the ALP, that's for sure…

Defined insanity – and there ain’t no Einsteins in the ALP, that’s for sure…

One definition of insanity is doing the same things over and over and expecting a different result.

By that definition, Bill Shorten and the ALP are insane.

Labor has made it clear that if returned to government, it will bring back the carbon tax, or ETS or whatever, which, by its own modelling will send electricity prices through the roof. Rudd/Gillard/Rudd tried that and failed. Malcolm Turnbull tried that and lost the leadership election to Tony Abbott in December 2009.

The policy is electoral poison. For a country that produces less than 1.4% of global emissions, any kind of action on climate change that puts up electricity prices and strangles the economy, with no hope of changing the weather, is utterly futile.

Secondly, Labor will abandon the border protection policies of the Coalition to allow the free entry of thousands of economic migrants – sentencing many to death at sea. Yes, I know Bill says that turning back boats will be an ‘option’ but that was the same policy of Rudd in 2007, and look where that ended up. In total failure.

Thirdly, you can be certain that Labor will go back to their old ways of tax and spend combined with ever more regulation and red tape, an economic model that has been shown to fail over and over and over again, believing this time, maybe this time!, it will suddenly work – brilliant!

As a conservative, I should be pleased that Labor is retreating back to the old, failed policies of the past, but what is worrying is how short the memories of the electorate seem to be. Newspoll today gives labor an eight-point lead – an astonishing figure given the ALP’s disastrous plans for Australia’s future. Yes, Choppergate has hurt Abbott and the Coalition, but Tony Burke still hasn’t resigned, and the love-media aren’t baying for blood in the same way as they did with Bronny.


  1. Daryl ladd says:

    Any guess what, the voters of that side of politics really believe all that dribble coming from the labor and greens. And if the polls are right pity help us all and the balance of voters who did not vote for them, well we can sit back and put up with the pain and say to the other side, well you voted them in so suck it up and pay, pay pay,


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