Labor Conference triumph! One backflip, one failed policy and gay marriage…

Labor: in touch with the ordinary Aussie…

Labor: in touch with the ordinary Aussie…

The ABC’s celebrations regarding the success of the Labor conference on the 7pm news this evening were utterly nauseating. Juanita Phillips was smiling so hard when she announced the breakthrough deal on gay marriage I thought her face might actually crack and fall off.

The ABC showed footage of people dashing from room to room to secure the last minute deal, cut together with images of rainbow flags and token gay Senator Penny Wong, as if it were a fly-on-the-wall documentary. But in the end, after a few tense moments and some nail-biting negotiation, hooray! We did it! Er, sorry, they did it, the ABC cheered, completely impartially.

So, the top story today was on a policy which affects barely 3% of the population – i.e. it is essentially irrelevant to 97% of us. But a media-friendly result on gay marriage plugged by the ABC is better than having to talk about difficult things like the threat of Islamic extremists, or that due to the shocking level of debt (thanks to Labor again) Australia could go bankrupt if there were another financial crisis.

Secondly, Labor finally realised, after who knows how many opportunities, that turning back the boats actually works and that they will include it as an ‘option’ if (god help us) they formed a government. How dumb must they be for it to have taken so long? Or so wilfully blind? As usual, the appearance of compassion, which actually led to 1,200 deaths at sea, was more important to Labor and the Greens than doing the right thing, and saving lives.

But don’t get your hopes up, because Bill’s weasel words are the exact same policy as Kevin Rudd announced in 2007, and which was dumped as soon as Labor was elected. Bill’s change of heart is nothing to do with believing in the merits of the policy itself, just about getting elected. No principles, he flaps in the wind like a sad, torn flag.

Unfortunately, the policy backflip is easier to execute than the deletion of hundreds of YouTube videos that show Labor politicians pouring scorn on the policy both under Howard and Abbott, and making condescending moral judgments about those who advocated for it. The Internet never forgets…

And finally, the gift that keeps on giving. Climate change. Bill Shorten has committed Labor to an emissions trading scheme and to some ridiculous target for renewable energy by, er, next week or something. We all know how that worked out last time. Abbott defeated Turnbull and became Liberal leader in 2009, Rudd was kicked out by Gillard in 2010, Gillard introduced a carbon tax, was subsequently kicked out by Rudd, and the Coalition won the 2013 election.

Abbott and the Coalition must be rubbing their hands with glee, and rightly so. Australia contributes less than 1.5% of global emissions, so even if we were to cut that to zero overnight, in other words remove all cars, trucks and buses, all coal fired and oil fired power stations, and were forced to rely solely on renewables or hydro, the effect on the climate would be?

Answer: nothing. Nada. Zip. Zilch.

The climate would not even bat an eyelid. Yet the Australian economy would be a smouldering wreck. And for what? To reduce the temperature in 2100 by 0.000…0001 of a degree? There never was any cost/benefit sense in Australia cutting emissions so wildly when China and India are ramping up their coal burning, and there never will be. The Australian public see this but apparently Shorten and Labor don’t.

Oh well, their loss. Their loss at the next election, that is.


  1. Electricity Bill is getting his ambitions mixed up with his capabilities again, DO NOT believe anything Labor says it will do. Shorton is such a liability to Labor now after his trouncing as an [alleged] corrupt union leader. If we were stupid enough to vote that mob in again, the boats will wear out that well worn track; Indonesia to Christmas Island, again. I do not understand why Indonesia can’t stop the boats, is it because too many Indons have their hand out to the people smugglers? I think so, Indonesia is not our friend, never has been and never will be, period.


  2. Ken Harper says:

    Gay marriage isn’t about giving recognition to 3% of the population -and where did you get that number from? – it’s a statement about equality, inclusivity and respect for all members of society. Something Australia could well do with learning.


    • The 3% figure is from (2003) and although it has increased slightly since then it is still less than 4%. Gay couples have the same rights as married couples, but there is no avoiding the fact that ‘marriage’ is between man and a woman. If you change that to include gay couples, you’ve changed the definition and it isn’t marriage any more anyway – it’s something else.

      Reserving marriage for heterosexual couples is discrimination in the same way that a man being prohibited from attending a women’s college is ‘discrimination’…


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