UK: Muslim boy pleads guilty to inciting Aussie terror

Inciting violence for Allah

Inciting violence for Allah

If you asked a normal, well-adjusted teenager to go and cut off the head of a complete stranger with a sharp knife, I would guess that teenager would (a) not do it; and (b) report you to his parents, and the police.

But where the teenager in question is a Muslim who has been taught since birth that the Qur’an requires him to ‘strike the necks’ of the infidels, and that you would be carrying out the will of Allah, and that if you were killed in the attempt you would gain entry to paradise with 72 virgins waiting for you, then such a request may yield results.

Fortunately, our law enforcement agencies are well ahead of them (for the moment, at least):

A 15-year-old boy has pleaded guilty at the Old Bailey to inciting terrorism by encouraging the murder of police officers during an Anzac Day parade in Australia.

The youngster, who is from the North West but cannot be named for legal reasons, entered his plea via video link from Manchester Crown Court.

Wearing a grey shirt and tie, the boy spoke only to plead guilty.

The charge states that between March 15, 2014 and March 26 the boy incited a person to commit an act of terrorism wholly or partly outside the UK, namely the murder of police officers during an attack on a parade to commemorate Anzac Day in Australia.

A second charge of inciting terrorism overseas in relation to beheading a person in Australia was dropped by the prosecution.

Prosecutor Paul Greaney QC told the court: “This charge represents conduct over a ten-day period in March this year, of inciting an Australian based man to commit an act of terrorism abroad, namely murder a police officer during a parade to commemorate Anzac Day.

“The evidence of the plot derives from literally thousands of instant messages between the defendant and Sevdet Besim, recovered from the defendant’s mobile phone.

“On March 18, the defendant sent Sevdet Besim a message saying: ‘Suggest you break into someone’s house and get your first taste of beheading’.

“Sevdet Besim said this seemed a little risky.”

Not that it was an outrageous request, just that it was risky. The UK judge was puzzled, as one would expect, as to the motivation behind the incitements:

Mr Justice Saunders ordered reports before sentencing, saying: “I want to know if there is any indoctrination or belief in this case.” (source)

The Australian judge, however, released the communications between the boys, and – no surprise – it wasn’t ‘white supremacists’ or ‘methodists’ or ‘lone wolves’ with ‘mental health issues’:

The British boy, who appeared to be directing Besim and urging him on during their communications, said he needed to videotape the attack and send it to “abu kambozz,” a one-time social media handle for Melbourne-born Islamic state recruiter Neil Prakash.

That would be the Islamic state that has ‘nothing to do with Islam’, right, Barack, John, David and Tony?

“You are a lone wolf, a wolf that begs Allah for forgiveness a wolf that doesn’t fear blame of the blamers. I’m [sic] I right?” the boy wrote.

“Pretty much,” Mr Besim replied.

Allah – hmm, that would be the Islamic god, wouldn’t it? There are no ‘lone wolf’ jihadists – they are all part of the global community of Islam, guided by the Qur’an and the actions of Muhammad.

The boy was allegedly passing himself off as a man experienced in terror campaigns.

In the intercepted communications, the British boy instructed Mr Besim to “start dressing like a Kuffar [non-believer]”, quizzes him about weapons, and asks if he’s “willing for a bullet to go through you”.

But don’t worry – it’s the ‘right wing extremists’ we have to worry about, according to Dr Aly


  1. Of course it’s nothing to do with Islam or Muslims. His Mummy probably didn’t buy him a Teddy Bear for his 6th birthday or something.


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