News report of competing protests in Sydney shows which side is the violent one

And it’s not Reclaim Australia.

Whilst the seniors, mums and dads and ordinary Aussies stood quietly and made their point, it was – naturally – the far Left ‘anti-fascists’ that gave the police their only work of the day.

The unwashed rabble was sprinkled with banners for Socialist Alliance and Socialist Alternative – in other words, it comprised a typical Left-wing rent-a-mob. The ‘compassion and tolerance’ they demand of others was strangely absent in spades.

Unfortunately, the natural home of violence, intimidation and intolerance is the Left.


  1. Finally some truth. The violence all came from the Anti racist protesters. They are misinformed violent ignorant thugs for hire. We done to the police for keeping them under control….


  2. They called us reclaimers Nazis. Funny that because the young lady I stood with alongside the rest of the reclaim crowd was actually a Jew. Pretty sure you won’t see a Jew supporting Nazis like ever!!! Lefty idiots like to throw their weight around and call anyone who speaks out against Islam, instead of appeasing it, a racist


    • actually there were many high ranking jews in the third reichs ranks and also thousands of jewish soldiers in the wehrmacht and the ss.


  3. Reblogged this on Aussie Stealth Patriots and commented:
    Journalism of the truth shown from Sydney. How can the same channel (Channel 9) report utter LIES in Melbourne? It is & always has been the Anti groups instigating violence against Reclaim members unprovoked. Reclaim people consist of average FAMILY people. Media in Melbourne have a hell of a lot to answer to. Fuelling the lies & division of what the Anti group’s are spreading. That we at Reclaim are white supremacist Nazis & that we are racist. Excuse my language, but it’s absolute bullshit, causing hate, violence and division, DELIBERATELY for F%+#:”g rantings!
    I will be uploading a channel 9 “Melbourne” video / interview. Which CLEARLY shows we are extremely ANTI NAZI.
    But Melbourne “channel 9” have deliberately hidden this evidence & have continued to spread & deceive the publica!


  4. Very true, these uni students were hanging out in back streets attacking people and looking for fights! Police were brilliant! SBS and ABC have footage of the protestors against Reclaim attacking one man who was walking by – about 30 onto 1!! And Party for Freedom has just posted a video on You Tube of some of their people getting a police escort back to their cars with the angry rent a crowd following them and police eventually just putting the group in the police van and dropping them off. Everyone is entitled to an opinion without being subjected to violence, freedom of speech is not exclusive to lefties.


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