The shrill cry of ‘racist’ – the great ‘shut up’ of our time

Martin Place, Sydney [click to enlarge]

Seniors, mums and dads, ordinary Aussies – this photo shows what the media and the Left claim are ‘racists’ and ‘far-right extremists’.

It has nothing to do with ‘race’ or being ‘far-right’ – they are making a legitimate protest against a subversive political ideology which is incompatible with Western democracy and freedoms – much like Nazism or Communism.

Whilst there are always a few individuals from neo-Nazi and genuine far-right groups which seek to infiltrate this kind of demonstration, the reality is that the vast majority of those protesting are ordinary Australians, frightened by how their leaders are blindly submitting to the increasingly brazen demands of political Islam.

I would put money on the fact that these demonstrations would have been 100% peaceful, if it had not been for the counter-demonstrations by the hard Left – the natural home of violence, intimidation and intolerance.

But by demonising these people as ‘racists’, the Left (and a disappointing number on the right) can avoid having to think in any depth about precisely what is being protested here. Much easier to attach a label rather than engage with their views in an intelligent way. The cry of ‘racist’ is the great ‘shut up’ of our time.

And in case the photo above isn’t enough, check out the one below, showing a multitude of ethnic and racial groups participating in the Melbourne rally.

This isn’t about race, it is about seeking to restrict the spread of a dangerous political ideology – applying the label ‘racist’ to these protests shows the ignorance and intolerance of those who would use it.

All these people are racists too!

All these people are racists too!


  1. luisadownunder says:

    I thought we had entered the new Dark Ages with the Anthropogenic global warming (aka climate change) nonsense, but we are indeed spiraling into the abyss with the extreme tip-toeing we are doing around the spread of islamic ideology.
    As the saying goes: things can only get better, but in this instance I think we are in for a long, hard, dark, ugly, bloody battle before we can even hope to climb back out to the light.


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