Four marines killed by Muslim in US, but it’s Reclaim Australia that is extremist

A blinkered fool who enables Islamic extremism

A blinkered fool who enables Islamic extremism

This sums up the state we are in.

Just a couple of hours after a Muslim gunman killed four US marines in Chattanooga, Barack Obama was more concerned with wishing Muslims a happy Eid:

And here in Australia, the mainstream media is more concerned with portraying ordinary Australians who oppose the spread of Islam’s radical tentacles as ‘extremists’.

Yesterday, Gina Rushton in The Australian alleged that Reclaim Australia was ‘racist’ and ‘right-wing’:

Muslims brace for racist rallies threatening violence

Muslim leaders have urged their communities to ignore right-wing rallies around the country in coming days, one of which is expected to feature federal Nationals MP George Christensen. The warning came as former Reclaim Australia member James Gilhome said he had evidence Melbourne and Hobart rallies planned by the extremist group could turn violent.

And to add further insult to injury, Jack the Insider, also in The Australian, disgracefully smeared ordinary Aussies by comparing them to Islamic extremists:

The far right and Islamo-fascists are cut from same ideological cloth

[…] The greatest joke of all on groups like Reclaim Australia is they are cut from the same ideological cloth as Islamo-fascists. Both hold extreme views and both hanker for a form of state control of a type that sits comfortably in the far right of the political spectrum. They share more in common than they realise.

That is so wrong as to be beyond belief. So, Jack, let me get this straight: ordinary Australians who dare to voice their opposition to:

  • jihad violence,
  • the spread of sharia law,
  • discrimination against women and persecution of gays,
  • Qur’an based Jew hatred,
  • endless demands for special treatment,
  • Halal food foisted on non-Muslims without their consent,
  • and a thousand other things they rightly feel are eroding Western democracy and culture;

then they are the same as those who are advocating all those things, yes? As one commenter on Facebook put it:

“Same cloth is this guy for the reclaim Australia group are into genital mutilation child brides murder of anyone who disagrees with their ideology the denouncement of any other cause then their own behead anyone who even has a idea murder of gays the stoning of woman for failing to dress appropriately the murder of journalist for reporting the truth yeah I see all the similarity’s.. This reporter has to be living under a rock”

Jack, you are truly a blinkered fool, and a fool who by his wilful blindness enables Islamic extremism.


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  2. Jack you do realise your rediculous comparisons between reclaim AUSTRALIA supporters & Islamic extremists has people laughing at you not with you – your a complete moron & have securely etched that into people’s minds #laughingstockcomparison💯%


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