‘Right-wing’ extremism ‘as bad, if not worse’ than Islamic extremism

But don’t forget, ‘right wing extremism’ is just as bad…

Moral equivalence gone completely mad.

Right-wing extremism is emerging as an equal, if not greater, threat than Muslim radicalisation in Australia and multiculturalism is “close to death” at a federal level, academics and police have told a conference on social cohesion.

Violent extremism in Australia is beginning to mirror that of the US, counter-terrorism expert Anne Aly from Curtin University said.

She highlighted a New America Foundation study released last month that found right-wing extremists had killed twice as many people since September 11 as jihadists. [Yeah, right! – Ed]

“Violent extremism isn’t just a Muslim problem in Australia,” she said. “The numbers are staggering and growing in right-wing extremism.”

Deputy Commissioner Nick Kaldas, the police force’s spokesman on cultural diversity, listed far-right extremism and marches and rallies “which encourage divisive notions of us and them” as some of the biggest challenges facing his troops. (source)

“Divisive notions of them and us” is a phrase that could have been written for Muslims around the world! Not surprising when you realise that Islam regards Muslims as superior to non-Muslims in every way, but I don’t think the Deputy Commissioner has ever bothered to read the Qur’an, so wouldn’t know that.

Do you think he paused to wonder why the number of ‘far-right’ marches and rallies had increased? And when they say ‘far right’ that means anyone who doesn’t embrace the lefty Kumbaya multi-culti bullshit of the progressives, by the way.

Maybe it’s because our political leaders have, for too long, grovelled and pandered to a privileged religious group, which fails to integrate and makes ever more brazen and shameless demands for special treatment at the expense of everyone else?

Or maybe because we see Muslim leaders in Australia boycott any attempts at inter-faith dialogue, because they have no intention of integrating with mainstream Australian society?

Or maybe because Islamic groups like ISIS, Boko Haram, Al Shabaab and others are justifying their horrific acts of depravity by reference to the same book as is being worshipped every day in mosques across Australia and the West?

Or maybe because we see our freedoms very slowly being eroded away by Islamic demands for blasphemy laws and other tenets of sharia in preference to Australian laws?

Or maybe because we see increasing acts of violence carried out in Australia in the name of Islam, like the Lindt Cafe siege, and we see no evidence of our political leaders taking the threat seriously?

Trashing ordinary Australians who are bewildered at the erosion of our Western freedoms and way of life is typical smear tactics of Islamic apologists like Aly.


  1. pgeorge01 says:

    It goes to show when you will believe anything you really will believe anything. Apparently Celebi got on board a rocket powered by 140lbs of gunpowder. He landed safely and told the sultan, “O my sultan! Jesus sends his regards to you!” (I wonder why Jesus and not the Prophet was the object of the astronaut’s trip…?) If this story has a skerrick of truth to it, the more likely scenario is that Celebi blew himself up with the rocket as did the copy tested on Mythbusters in 2009. As usual there is no evidence to support this Jules Vernian claim except a story someone wrote. And his name surprise-surprise was also Celebi.


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