CFMEU organiser arrested after Royal Commission hearing

"Shifty" Shorten

“Shifty” Shorten

But, but, but… I thought the Royal Commission was a cheap and tawdry political witch hunt by Tony Abbott to smear his opponents, namely innocent Labor MPs, wasn’t it?

And I thought Commissioner Heydon Dyson and Counsel Jeremy Stoljar SC were just stooges, paid to do the evil bidding of the Coalition, weren’t they?

Must be right, ‘cos Kim Carr said so! What was it again, Kim? “Totalitarian regime” was the phrase you used, yes? More spin than a launderette…

But back in the real world, the Labor whingeing and whining is exposed yet again as pure fiction, as we see the Royal Commission uncovering evidence of union corruption – i.e. exactly as it was tasked to do:

A former CFMEU organiser has been arrested by police following cash bribe allegations before the trade union royal commission.

Halafihi “Fihi” Kivalu admitted to taking $60,000 from a form-work company owner, but insists it was only because they were friends.

Following his evidence in Canberra, officers put him in the back of a police van after a meeting with his lawyers.

Mr Kivalu earlier told the unions royal commission that Elias Taleb handed over the money in installments, which he later gambled away on the pokies.

“Mr Taleb voluntarily gave me money hoping that I would use my contacts to help him in the industry,” he said.

Mr Kivalu denied he demanded the money in exchange for securing work, saying the handovers were always above board and he was never wearing his CFMEU uniform. (source)

The Commission isn’t and never was a smear campaign against Labor – it is simply doing its job. Maybe if Labor MPs like Julia Gillard and Bill Shorten weren’t up to their necks in dodgy union deals, they wouldn’t have had to front up as witnesses in the first place.


  1. Simon Colwell says:

    In the USA they call it racketeering. Here we call it trade unionism.


  2. luisadownunder says:

    Haven’t heard a peep from the media. Maybe I missed that particular news feed?


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